Stardock have announced that their popular and successful 4X game Galactic Civilizations III will be receiving its upcoming Retribution expansion on February 21.
In a statement to media outlets, Stardock reinforced the main thrust of the expansion.
“Today, Stardock announced February 21st as the release date for Galactic Civilizations® III: Retribution, the largest expansion ever for the massive 4X space strategy game. In Retribution, your civilization has uncovered powerful artifacts, discovered how to construct hypergates, encountered two new major civilizations, and much more.”

While the addition of two new civilizations is a big talking point, the main new thing is the ability to construct hypergates. Hypergates in Galactic Civilizations III are a technology that allowed humans in the game’s universe to traverse long distances once connected. The prospect of creating these in-game opens up a whole new tactical avenue for players.
Not mentioned in the release for Retribution is the addition of supply ships, which can be used to deliver supplies to a players’ other planets.

The news page on the Galactic Civilizations III website sheds some more light on what Retribution will bring. In addition to what is listed in the article, the news site also mentions a complete overhaul of the technology tree in the game, as well as a dedicated storyline for the expansion.
The expansion will focus on the Drengin Empire, with the promise that the story may “end in their extinction“.

With a positive rating of around 76% (5,922/7,781 positive reviews) on Steam for the game, Stardock are sure to be hoping to appeal to their main player base with this expansion, and possibly sure up casual players who might not be as into it.

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