Sony’s second State Of Play was live streamed earlier today (May 9th, 2019), and although short, it was very sweet. Here’s everything you need to know about Sony’s State Of Play.

Monster Hunter World Is Only Getting Better

Capcom announced during the State Of Play that Monster Hunter World’s first expansion, Iceborne would be coming to PS4 and Xbox One on September 6th, 2019, with a PC release coming in “Winter“. Check out the trailer below:

Iceborne will introduce the new region of  Hoarfrost, which Capcom claims will be the largest region in Monster Hunter: World so far. Story wise, Iceborne continues the lore past the conclusion of World, and will bring new combat styles as well as what looks like a new Elder Dragon. For current owners of World, you’ll be able to pick up the Iceborne expansion for $39.99, or a Deluxe version will run you back $49.99, but includes some cosmetic goodies for the extra $10. Alternatively, if you don’t already own World but want to jump on the monster hunting train when Iceborne releases, Capcom is offering “Master Editions” that include both the vanilla Monster Hunter: World as well as the Iceborne expansion. The “Master Edition” will be offered at $59.99 for the regular edition, and $79.99 for the Iceborne deluxe edition.

Yet Another PS4 Limited Edition

Sony also revealed a new limited edition PS4: the “Days of Play” Edition. This new edition will be available starting in June, corresponding to Sony’s Days of Play event. This new console is imbued with a classic PlayStation pattern as well as what look like slightly more rounded corners. Check out the design for your self in the picture below. Plan on picking it up?

days of play ps4

The MediEvil Remake Finally Gets A Release Date

Sony announced that a remake of MediEvil, an old medieval set hack and slash originally released in 1998 on the PlayStation, will be releasing October 25th, 2019 exclusively on the PS4. The announcement was accompanied by a trailer which you can check out below:

The remake for MediEvil was originally announced on October 31st 2018, and it looks like just a little less than a year later, it will come to fruition.

Welcome To The Jungle

Sony and developer Illphonic revealed Predator: Hunting Grounds. An “asymmetrical multiplayer experience” where a team of four players taking on the role of soldiers will enter a jungle environment where they will face off with another player in the role of the Predator; the deadly alien of Arnold Schwarzenegger film fame. Of course, a trailer came with the announcement as well:

Illfonic claims to be focusing on gameplay, and will have more updates “coming in the near future”.

Voxel Heaven

Previously announced Riverbond, a voxel based dungeon crawler, received another trailer. Cameos from Shovel Knight, Guacamelee, and several other indie titles were shown off in the trailer below:

Players will be able to crawl their way through Riverbond’s levels in whatever form they wish, when it releases this summer.


The Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Very Much Alive

Perhaps the crown jewel of the State of Play event, Sony unveiled an absolutely gorgeous new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake, a game that has been in some degree of development limbo for quite some time. Check out the trailer below:

One thing of note to me, was how true to the original style of Final Fantasy VII it appears Square Enix was able to preserve. Details are still somewhat sparse on the Remake, but Sony promises more details are coming in “June”, so stay tuned to Culture of Gaming where we’ll be sure to have those details for you as soon as possible.


So what do you think? Did Sony’s second State of Play meet your expectations? I personally thought we got some pleasant surprises. Leave a comment down below, or for more lively discussion, join our Community Discord.

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