Axiom Verge

A beloved 2015 Metroidvania has found its home on a new platform, and great news, you can get it for free! Epic Games revealed that Axiom Verge is the next free-to-play title available for download on the Epic Games Store. Just make sure to download it right here from today until February 21st, when the offer expires. 

When it released on Wii U, people praised Axiom Verge as the spiritual successor to the original Metroid. In it, you explore the depths of a haunting Alien-like dimension, collecting upgrades and items to progress further. One of Axiom Verge’s most delightful surprises was the Glitch Gun, which let you wander through walls into bugged-out, Easter Egg-filled bonus rooms. This is extremely reminiscent of Metroid, a game where you could purposefully break boundaries and glitch through walls to skip portions of the game.

Creator Thomas Happ spent more than five years developing Axiom Verge. The Wii U version’s popularity and reception prompted Happ to re-release the game on nearly every current-gen platform. Axiom Verge has been ported to Switch, Xbox One, PS4, Steam, and now, the Epic Games Store.

If you’ve never had the chance to pick up Axiom Verge, don’t miss out on this opportunity. Alongside Steamworld Dig 2, Hollow Knight, and Guacamelee, Axiom is one of the best Metroidvanias of the current generation.

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