This March, Xbox gold members will benefit from a great variety from the four games available this month. Here are some short summaries for the games as well as when to look out for them. Batman: The Enemy Within – The Complete Season (March 1st-31) This round’s full month release […]

Playstation plus has so far been kind to it’s subscribers this year. They have offered up several top tier gaming experiences for free to all their customers. Games such as the fantastic Nathan Drake collection, The sims 4. The wacky rag doll world of Goat Simulator or the absolutely brilliant […]

Devotion, the banned Taiwanese horror game, is being preserved at Harvard University, along with developer Red Candle Games‘ other horror title, Detention. The company announced its games’ admittance to the Harvard-Yenching Library on February 21st. It’s the largest East Asian library maintained by any American university, and was founded in […]

Adult Swim Games revealed this afternoon that they are working on a brand new Samurai Jack game alongside Japanese developer Soleil Ltd. Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time looks to share the zany and expressive hack-and-slash gameplay style of games like the oft-overlooked Afro Samurai game from 2009. Adult Swim Games seems […]

It was almost two years ago when Kotaku reported on the sexism present at Riot Games. The developers of League of Legends, who made around $1.4 Billion in 2018 from that game alone. Now Riot Games are in a ‘gender discrimination lawsuit’ for their treatment of female employees. They were reported on […]

The Tool For Every Gamer   GameAssistant Team, creator of GameAssistant: The tool for every gamer, thinks they have created a go-to for automated game tweaking of player’s favourite titles. If you ever wanted to disable startup videos on a game, fix crashes, and so on but feared having to […]

As the launch day for the new generation draws closer, Microsoft have released some information in regards to their new flagship console. The official statement here. The specs Firstly focusing on the new spec information. The new Xbox will offer double the terraflops that the previous system offered with a […]

While Persona 5 has seen massive critical praise, the game did upset fans with certain scenes presenting homophobic behavior. Now, with Persona 5 Royal, Atlus has confirmed that these scenes will be edited for the western version. Speaking with IGN, Atlus Communications Manager Ari Advincula stated some scenes – mostly ones involving Ryuji and […]