After eons, Valve is updating Steam’s UI to fit a more modern look. In a talk at GDC, Alden Kroll, who works at Valve, showed announced the new UI update. Valve also released some new screenshots, which you can view above.

The new update will shift around a number of the previous Steam interface elements around. The library tab, for example, will now show off your recently played games at the top, with the most recent stuff shown in larger icons. To the side, there’s a panel for friends activity, which shows that games that friends have been playing. The complete collection section displays each game you own in a condensed icon-by-icon format.

Also, off to the left, games can be grouped into collections (similar to folders). These collections are expandable and collapsible, making it easier to locate them on the fly. And when you use the search bar to browse your library, you can use Steam Store tags (Such as “open-world” or “stealth”) to locate games quicker.


In the store tab, Valve has teased a new “Events” page that showcases upcoming in-game events and updates on the front page. In the screenshot, we can see a Rainbow Six Siege update, a Paladins tournament, and a Dead by Daylight broadcast in the same location. This should make sorting through relevant developer updates and events easier for users.

Valve expects that the Steam update will enter a public beta sometime this summer. For more on PC Gaming, Steam, and everything else video games, stay tuned to Culture of Gaming.


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