There are some television shows that appear readymade to be converted into a video game. Action and fantasy series are naturally suited as the basis for games, which is why we’ve seen a string of releases based on Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. However, game developers have also looked to more unlikely sources of televisual inspiration.

The Office (US)

Most people probably don’t view Dunder Mifflin as the ideal environment for a video game, maybe because people generally don’t want to spend their leisure time in a virtual office. MumboJumbo defied expectations by launching their take on The Office in 2007, bringing together all of your favourite characters from the show – as virtual bobblehead dolls.

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The game sought to capitalise on The Office at the height of its popularity, using many of the concepts from Diner Dash to bring Dunder Mifflin to life. Gameplay includes the ability to prank co-workers, which means that it stays true to the television series by not showing you too much actual work. The game features plenty of quotes from the show and a few original moments of humour, but it does lack a sense of purpose.


Despite being an action-heavy series, you might not expect Narcos to provide the basis for a video game. After all, it uses real-life source material; for example, Pascal’s character Javier Peña was a genuine DEA agent who consulted on production of the show. However, the dramatic content of Narcos encouraged leading slot developer NetEnt to create a game that pays tribute to the series.

Players are able to deploy a free spins welcome bonus to try their hand at the Narcos slot on Party Casino, with BonusFinder providing full details on that offer. Upon opening the slot, the soundtrack and colour scheme instantly transport you to the world of the TV series, while there are also the unique bonuses that are now a must in modern slots. NetEnt’s slot intelligently merges the TV show with iGaming conventions, making this an unlikely combination that works.

The Simpsons: Hit and Run

The sheer global appeal of The Simpsons means that it shouldn’t be a surprise that it has inspired the creation of video games, but few could have anticipated that the show would best translate into a game that pays homage to the Grand Theft Auto series. Hit and Run was released in 2003 to critical acclaim and remains a landmark title for a generation of gamers.

Reviewers praised the way that Hit and Run allowed players to explore an alternative side to Springfield, while intelligently satirizing the GTA series. With hidden vehicles and many of the show’s beloved characters to encounter on travels through Springfield, Hit and Run is a brilliant realisation of a television world as a video game setting. Adult gamers across the world just have one question: any chance of a sequel?

A less successful adaptation of a comedy series as a video game is Little Britain, a 2007 PS2 release that was essentially a collection of crude mini-games. The game enjoyed limited success after its release, which is a diplomatic way of saying that the review from Eurogamer rated the game 1/10. Perhaps this is why most developers prefer to stick to turning action and fantasy series into video games


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