Whether it is the Age of Apocalypse, The Multiverse, Bizzaro World, Earth 3, Days of Future Past or The Ultimate Universe, an alternate timeline or universe has always been a favourite plot device in comic books, mostly because in those places anything goes. Anything can happen to the characters and the world around them giving the creators so much freedom.

The Wrong Earth #1, the first comic by the newly-formed AHOY Comics, takes the alternate concept and runs to the hills with it, thank you, Iron Maiden.

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Written by Tom Peyer and drawn by Jamal Igle, The Wrong Earth is actually two comic books in one. One part tells the story of Dragonflyman and his sidekick Stinger of Fortune City, Earth-Alpha, taking on crime in the style of the campy sixties Batman television series. There is plenty of over-the-top dialogue, a convoluted death trap by the super villain and lots of BIFFS! and BAMS!

Fun stuff.

The second part of the story takes place on Earth Omega. Earth Omega’s Fortune City is the mirror image of Gotham City and Dragonflyman is just The Dragonfly, a gritty, uncompromising Dark Knight-like character.

More fun stuff.

Things go absolutely haywire when the characters trade places and become strangers in strange lands, thank you once again, Iron Maiden.

Although we have read through our fair share of time-jumping, reality-jumping tales, The Wrong Earth has a certain appeal, charm about it. What sets it apart is Tom Peyer and Jamal Igle cleverly switch styles as we bounce from world to world and that really highlights the differences in tone and characterizations. It is a fantastic concept carried out very well by Peyer and Igle who really commit to the theme.

Along with the first Wrong Earth story we also get a Stinger short story, interviews with Jamal Igle and Stuart Moore and an actual short story by Grant Morrison.

We don’t learn much about any of the heroes or the villains in the first issue but that along with the cliffhanger ending are the reasons why we will be back in time for issue two. One couldn’t ask for a better first issue or a first comic. The Wrong Earth is an solid first step for the up and coming AHOY Comics.

Fascinating concept and execution.
Switching between two worlds is intriguing.
We don’t discover much about any of the characters.

Review Summary

Something very unique in a world full of standard superhero comics.

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