Pauline Available in Mario Tennis Aces Today

Nintendo’s most recent sports title, Mario Tennis Aces, is getting a few new characters; and one of them is up for grabs right now.

Pauline, Mayor of New Donk City and Mario’s former love interest, is playable in version 2.3.0. While she won’t offer any significant edge over the competition, her special shot, a devastating serve from the top of New Donk City Hall, should be enough incentive to unlock her.

To gain Pauline, you’ll have to compete in Tennis Aces’ online tournament mode, at least until the end of the month. After that, everyone can play as Pauline without an additional effort.

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Alongside the announcement of Pauline came a confirmation for two new characters, Magikoopa and Dry Bones, to be playable later in May. Also, coming out today is a new four-player co-op minigame called Shy Guy Train Tussle. Players must work together in swing mode to stop shy guys from robbing a train, by lobbing tennis balls at them!

The update is available for download right now; be sure to pick it up and hop on a tournament if you’d like to play as Pauline.

For more on Mario Tennis Aces, Nintendo, and everything else video games, stay tuned to Culture of Gaming.

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