From Pong and Pacman to Fortnite and Call of Duty, the video games we play have come a long way over the past five decades. Today we see all kinds of advanced graphics and gameplay which have become synonymous with the gaming networks of the present time. With the future of video games unfolding faster than anyone had expected, gamers should be prepared for the revolutionary innovations (Like VR) which will completely change their gaming experience.

Some of the well-known video games of today, including the likes of League of Legends, Red Dead Redemption II, etc. reflect the growing trends in this space: complex gameplay, top-notch graphics, and in some of them an intricate storyline as well. Back in the days, videogame graphics used to be only about text characters, still enabling players to interact with the game. Things advanced to two-dimensional graphics, then onto 3D graphics, and today we have virtual and augmented reality games becoming commonplace. All these advancements have been focused on one thing – making games more realistic for the players.

VR and Augmented Reality Leading the Way

Let’s talk about Assassins Creed, for example. The developers want to put you in the gaming environment and hence deliver a more real-life like experience. The game settings are all about sprawling cities, closely resembling the real-life, whether it is Mykonos Island in Greece or a Victorian-era London’s horse-drawn carriage. Close attention is paid to the characters and details to help you identify with every period, completely recreating the things that existed during that era. Some of these videogames function as time machines that transport you into the past, something that you might have never been able to experience otherwise.

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Their storylines have also become more complex over some time. You are presented with both unfamiliar circumstances as well as day-to-day situations, based on your past choices in the game. On the other hand, are virtual reality features, including both mixed and augmented reality, that have emerged recently. Today you can put on an Oculus Quest and get the perfect introduction to the VR gaming world. This, in many ways, has proven to be a giant step in terms of technological advancement geared towards videogames.

Using headsets like these, you can put yourself in environments that look and feel shockingly similar to real life. Such gadgets can also be used for playing outer space shooting games like Eve: Valkyrie, or the new age VR casino games too. Talking specifically about the VR casino games, here are some places where you can check them out. On the whole, the realism delivered by virtual reality has gotten better with each passing year and is expected to get closer and closer to the real thing in the times to come.

Virtual reality and augmented reality are expected to merge shortly, making things incredibly realistic for the players. As is already evident, VR headsets are becoming more affordable and accessible to regular consumers, and this technology’s potential application in other industries like education, medicine, and sector are also being studied.

Who knows? You might soon be able to play games where virtual reality and real-life collide with each other! Whatever happens, one thing is for sure that the days of old and dusty arcade games are well past us!

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