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(Please be advised, this article contains spoilers, and it is a review of the latest Manga chapters for the series mentioned below. If you want to read the new chapters for free, click here!)

This is an exciting week for manga readers. In the worlds of My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball Super, and Boruto: Naruto, the Next Generation, things are starting to pick up a lot of steam. Here is Culture of Gaming’s Manga review for this week!


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Weekly Manga Review MHA

My Hero Academia: Ch. 268

As the invasion of Dr. Kyudai’s laboratory continues, the heroes start to find themselves in an unfavorable position by the High-End Nomu. In this instance, Eraser Head steps into the battle to give the heroes the advantage, but only momentarily. One of the High-Ends figures out their strategy and launches a counter attack to stop Mirko and the rest of the heroes. Meanwhile, Mirko, who is in pursuit of Dr. Kyudai and Shiraki, enters the room where they are located. Instead of aiming directly at Kyudai, Mirko senses Shgaraki’s presence and states that her instincts are telling her that he is bad news and must be taken out.

It must be noted that Shigaraki can see everything through the glass chamber he is in. As Mirko launches to destroy the chamber, Shigaraki delivers an ominous smile, you know, the one where he looks disturbingly joyful and innocent all at the same time. Then, just after Mirko strikes, she is injured by a High-End with a long-distance attack, but quickly saved by Endeavor. Instead of being grateful, she is still in full alert and tells Endeavor to finish the job and that Shigaraki must not be let out into the world.

Although Shiraki’s progress in the chamber was only at 75% completed, it is terrifying that he was smiling. In fact, one can deduce that two things are certain after this chapter: 1. Shigaraki will come out more powerful as everyone expected him to; 2, He will be capable of taking every single hero on present in the laboratory.

What Does the Future Hold?

We are certainly approaching a critical point in the manga that will change the future. With Shigaraki’s new powers ready to be unleashed, dark events are all but written. Also, Mirko’s death is inevitable at this point, and Endeavor is likely to follow suit. Meanwhile, Deku and his classmates don’t seem to be ready for the villains or for any events that will follow.

The next two chapters will be a decisive turning point of the story, but they won’t be happy ones. From here on out, either Shigaraki goes back into hiding because of his transformation is not complete, which is highly unlikely. Or he goes rampage mode on the world, creating the dark future he desires. This also brings the question as to how Deku will manifest, and master, the remaining quirks stored in him. And if his development will be rushed because of these current events.


weekly manga review DBZ

Dragonball Super: Ch. 59

In this weeks manga review for Dragon Ball Super. Goku has decided to fight Moro and is now capable of using Sign (Omen) Ultra Instinct. In this chapter, the battle between Goku, with his new controlled form, and More begins. Throughout the battle, Moro struggles to contain the Saiyan and is hardly capable of keeping up with him. However, after a few tricks, Moro figures out that Goku cannot maintain the form for long as it drains too much energy.

Parallel to the battle, Wiz and Merus are found conversing while spectating the fight from Beerus’ world. Wiz is impressed with Goku’s development and ask Merus if he can now use Ultra Instinct to the fullest. However, Merus hesitates and states that Goku never got as far. This draws concerns for both of them since Sign Ultra Instinct is not fit for drawn out battles.

On the other hand, Vegeta is still in Planet Yardrat. He is able to sense the on-going fight but is surprised that Goku is the one fighting, considering the change of energy he feels.

What’s Next?

Since Goku has not mastered Ultra Instinct, it is certain that he won’t last long in the battle against Moro. He states that he might be stronger but wants to end the fight as quickly as possible. But surely, that won’t happen. We can expect Vegeta to arrive in the next few chapters and continue where Goku left off. It will be interesting to see Vegeta’s new abilities and how they will complement during the encounter.

However, this battle is not likely to climax here as both Vegeta and Goku never finished their training. Therefore, implying that they still another level to reach. Nevertheless, Vegeta’s character development is the most intriguing, since only a fraction of his power were previously shown. And how will this new found power compare to Ultra Instinct.

weekly Manga Review Boruto

Boruto: Naruto the Next Generation: Ch. 45

Things are certainly picking up in the world of Boruto in this weeks manga review. Amado has gained an audience, Naruto, Sasuke, and Shikamaru. In this meeting, he begins to explain that what the Ohtsutsuki are, and their plans.

He explains that the Ohtsutsuki are aliens who devour worlds. In order to do so, they need a Ten-Tails Beast to plant the Devine Chakra Tree. Then, the tree will consume all chakra from the living beings of the planet; killing everyone on it. Lastly, the tree produces the chakra fruit which they consume in order to evolve and stay alive.

Amado then explains that Jigen became Ohtsutsuki, but that he wasn’t one originally, which means that because of the Karma, the same seal both Boruto and Kawaki have he became a vessel for Isshiki Ohtsutsuki.

Although this seems repetitive from the Kaguya and Momoshiki arcs, Amado begins to explain that Jigen’s plans are not the same as the other members of his clan. But the moment he is going to explain, he asks Shikamaru to place his glasses on the table to project a conversation happening somewhere else.

Meanwhile, that conversation turns to Jigen and Kashin Koji. Jigen then unravels Koji’s plan, stating that he knew that all of the events leading up to this point were Koji’s doing. And while they exchange blows briefly, Jigen wins and disables Koji. But instead of killing him, he says that he wants answers first on the betrayal of Kara.

Coming Up?

This is certainly a more direct and positive turn of events in the show. Although Boruto: Naruto, the Next Generation, has been slow to start, the readers will finally get some answers into what to expect next. Moreover, it seems like the show has shifted completely from “gods and myths” perspective and turn to the “logical” and scientific plot arguments.

But, more importantly, we are likely to see what are Jigen’s plans, how they concern Kawaki, and what connection they will have with Boruto.

So that was our weekly Manga Review on Culture of Gaming! You can let us know what you thought in the comments or on Twitter @thecognetwork. Alternatively we have a flashback review of the anime Rurouni Kenshin here or our top pick of 4 short anime to watch here! As always, thanks for reading COG!


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