Level Up Your Giving Skills With These 8 Gamer Gifts

Gamer geeks come in all ages, genders, and styles of play. If you know someone whose main hobby is playing games on their console, phone, or computer then you might find yourself in a situation where you have to consult your inner geek and come up with a good present for them. Studies have actually shown that we’re spending more time gaming than ever before. Forbes reports that the amount of time people 18-and-over spend gaming has gone up by 20% in the last year. 

When selecting gifts for gamers, look for ways to elevate their gaming experience but also their lifestyle. Game makers have gone to great lengths over the years to improve the quality of life for gamers, and you can do that too with your thoughtful gifts. 

#1. The Nintendo Ring Fit

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The brains behind Nintendo never stop thinking outside the box. Years ago they introduced the world to the concept that video games and fitness could go hand in hand with the Wii Fit. Now they’ve done it again with the innovative Ring Fit Adventure. You’ll hold a large ring-shaped controller as you run and jump your way through the thrilling game. You can customize your workout and it’s great for a range of ages and ability levels. You can find more information about the Nintendo Ring Fit and other gifts for gamers on this list by GiftWits by Marina Turea

#2. Gamer Headsets – Logitech G Pro X

If you have a social gamer on your hands, one that likes to play virtual group games, they need a way to hear the action and communicate with the other players. A nice gaming headset with headphones and a microphone will be the perfect gift. These headphones use next-gen technology that makes you feel like you are literally inside the game’s imaginative world. The microphone is detachable and produces a clear crisp sound. 

#3. Blue Light Glasses For Gamers

If you know someone that spends many hours per week staring at a computer screen then you might want to get them some glasses. No, we aren’t talking about prescription lenses, these are blue light filtering glasses.  The blue light that comes from digital screens can make eyes tired, cause blurred vision, headaches, and lead to cataracts. Blue light glasses selectively filters out unwanted and harmful light. Gunnar makes blue light glasses specifically for gamers in a ton of shapes and colors. 

#4. T-Shirts For Gamer Girls

PC and console gaming used to be thought of as an all-boys activity when in reality many girls have always enjoyed gaming. In today’s world, the percentage of male and female gamers is almost equal with Statista reporting that 46% of the world’s gamers were women in 2019. Help your favorite girl gamer dress the part in one of these beautifully designed gamer girl t-shirts from Etsy. 

#5. Gaming Keyboard The Lights Up

A stunning keyboard with light-up effects is just what your gamer geek desires. The Hyper X Alloy FPS RGB is a high-performance keyboard that is designed for both skill and style. You can customize the colors of the backlit keyboard to suit personal taste. It has a detachable cable and a USB charge port. Compact in size, this keyboard doesn’t take up a ton of space on your desk and is easily portable. 

#6. Yoshi Egg Light

How about a little gaming decor? This replica Yoshi egg is sure to bring back fond Nintendo memories for your gamer who probably grew up wishing they could one day have a Yoshi of their very own. Add some adorable ambient lighting to your gaming room with this officially licensed Nintendo merchandise. It’s USB powered, of course! 

#7. Gifts For Online Poker Players

Online gambling is quickly taking over as one of the most popular forms of single-player online games. You can play quick games for fun or enter real high-stakes tables and tournaments for cash prizes. When real money is on the line it’s easy to get obsessed. There are tons of great gifts for poker players like cute t-shirts, funny drink coasters, high-quality poker chip sets, and a whole lot more. You can find a great list of fun poker themed gifts from Gamblers Daily Digest. They even found some snazzy poker socks. Pick up a fun gift for your favorite poker player.

#8. Minecraft Light-Up Wall Torch 

Do you need a level 14 light? This cute wall light is great for a teen bedroom or a gamer room for any age. Minecraft is one of the world’s most popular games for all ages and now you can decorate your home like you decorate your online sandbox. Keep the creepers away with this battery-powered wall light. 

#9. 16 Bit Generation T-Shirt

This t-shirt would make a great gift for a gaming dad! It celebrates a simpler time of 16-bit graphics in gaming. You can find some amazing gamer-themed t-shirt designs at Designed By Humans which caters to the geek in all of us. This old school vintage style design would make an excellent father’s day or birthday gift for dads, uncles, and husbands. 

#10. A Gaming Mouse For PC Gamers

Get your gaming geek a mouse made especially for gaming. Hardcore gamers need the best equipment with programmable mouse buttons, multiple DPI levels, and adjustable polling rate levels, whatever all that geekery means. You can get all that and more in the PICTEK Gaming Wired Mouse. Besides its high-tech gaming wizardry, it also features a cool as heck design and it lights up in custom colors. 

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