A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed the demo for the upcoming game from Cbilab VR Studios Manmade. If you have not read the review, please check it out here. Soon after the article was posted, Culture of Gaming was contacted by a developer from Cbilab VR Studios. He said that the studio was interested in doing an interview about the future of Manmade. I ended up speaking with Yiğit Bekir Kaya the co-founder and CEO of the studio.

When speaking to the developer prior to the interview, he mentioned that they made changes to the demo I had reviewed based on the criticisms I made. He sent me a link to the new and improved demo and I played it the night before our interview took place. To my surprise, Yiğit asked the first question.

Did you get a chance to try the update?

COG: Yes I did. You made some pretty significant changes to it. You improved the camera controls, made the quick time events more understandable and I also appreciated the little icons that appeared over the servers after you interacted with them that showed their status. That way you didn’t have to keep running back and memorizing which server was which. It is a much improved game.

Great, you’ve totally realized what we’ve done in our update. We collected a bunch of feedback from the community and press. And prioritized the things and tried to fix things as fast as we can. We really appreciated the feedback.

COG: That’s great and I’m glad that my criticisms were noted. For those reading this who are not aware, can you describe what type of game Manmade is?

ManMade is a story-driven action-adventure game set in an AI-ruled world of the 2050s. It will be an episodic game. ManMade will be available for regular PC players, PS4 owners and VR headset owners (Vive, Rift, and PSVR). If you don’t have a VR headset but would like to taste the game, we still have room for you! People think that ManMade is a VR-only game but this is not correct.

COG: And you’re going through Kickstarter to fund the game, correct?

We have a seed funding and we want to deliver our dream game with the help of the Kickstarter community.

COG: So not all of the game’s funding will be coming from the Kickstarter?

That’s true.

At this point in the interview, I began to ask about the Kickstarter campaign. When would it be launching? Were there any stretch goals you would like to share? That sort of thing. But by the time you’re reading this, the Kickstarter campaign for Manmade has already launched so I will just link it here instead of making you read all that. I recommend at least taking a look at it to give yourself a better idea of the game we are discussing.

COG: In the Kickstarter video, you say that you grew up playing adventure games. What games inspired you the most to make Manmade?

Monkey Island, The Longest Journey, Black Mirror, and finally Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy. The curiosity, immersive environments, and storylines made me encouraged to create a game in this genre.

COG:  According to the Kickstarter page, you’re aiming for a June of 2019 release date for episode one. What is the planned release for episodes two through five?

It’s fairly early to say. However, we expect to release upcoming episodes with a three to five-month span each.

COG: Okay, well then I think I’m out of questions. Is there anything else you would like to say about Manmade?

We really appreciate all the support from the community. I hope they believe in our vision and our capability and be our backer, dream-sharer in our journey.

COG: Alright, thank you for doing this.

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