Culture of Gaming’s Best Sports Games of 2018

Sports games were everywhere last year from the yearly FIFAs, to the more rare Tennis games that pop up here and there. We sat down with one goal in mind. To find the best Sports games from 2018! And here it is, Culture of Gaming’s best Sports games of 2018.

Winner – Mario Tennis Aces

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After Nintendo stumbled on Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, it was understandable if many gamers felt like the Mario Sports titles were going to pack it in. Funny how much can change in three years When the first Mario Sports Title we would see would revisit the Tennis courts in Mario Tennis Aces.

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There was a story mode and a variety of fancy shots one could perform, but what sold the game for many was the Energy Gauge.  Using your gauge, you can perform zone shots to place your shots with deadly accuracy or slow down time with zone speed to catch a ball just out of reach. And if you are in the mood for destruction, you can use the entire gauge to perform your special shot that can obliterate your opponent’s racket.  Mario Tennis Aces is the world’s first Tennis Fighting Game since you can claim victory via KO before actually winning the set.

We normally look at sports titles for the realism and how impressive the games may look, but Mario Tennis Aces spin the  formula on its head. It was one of the most unique and engaging sports titles we got in 2018 and would be our top Sports title for 2018. If you are in the mood to enjoy Tennis action cracked up to eleven, Mario Tennis Aces is where it’s at.

Written By: Hu Deegan

Runner-Up – WWE 2K19

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WWE 2K19 is simply one of the best wrestling games to date, with one of the most in-depth character creators I have seen. People have made their favorite Marvel and DC characters to place in the ring. Oh and is it ever fun just to mess with certain tools to get your character to a nearly unbeatable state. Then you actually fight, and win or lose you felt you had a great time and it wasn’t wasted. Each character looks great, with an emphasis on the characters themselves. The developers also give much love to Daniel Bryan in showcase mode, highlighting his career in the ring. To honor a person, big or small, is always welcome and a real treat to see. It just gets to me.

WWE 2K19 doesn’t take itself too seriously, having a lot of fun with different modes and modifiers. There are things such as big head mode that seem to be taken from N64’s Goldeneye. My favorite mode has always been Royal Rumble, fighting a multitude of guys to become the next champion. Sometimes I’ll even just have all NPCs duke it out to see who becomes king of the ring. Eventually whenever my created character gets in the ring against any normal wrestler, large or small, he almost always destroys the competition. Well, he holds his own for a little while anyways. The amount of fun and creativity put into this game makes it well deserving of the Runner-Up to the title of Best Sports Game of 2018.

Written By: Jonathan Torres

So, that’s it for the best sports games of 2018. What did you think of our picks? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to share this article with anyone you think should pick up either of these brilliant games.

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