Role-playing games (otherwise known as RPGs) have been around since the early days of video games. From classic turn-based games like Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana to modern action-based ones such as Kingdom Hearts and Xenoblade Chronicles, the RPG genre has managed to win the hearts of gamers for generations. But why exactly do we love RPGs? They aren’t exactly the easiest games to play, often times having complicated game mechanics and intimidating amounts of content. Well, with Octopath Traveler releasing this week, it seems appropriate to talk about what causes us as gamers to adore playing RPGs. Now, without further ado, here are five reasons why we love RPGs.

We Can Escape to Beautiful Worlds

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It’s no secret that gamers enjoy entering worlds beyond the one we live in. The real world can seem so boring and mundane at times. We just want to be able to go to places that let us have adventures beyond our wildest dreams. RPGs can give us access to those worlds. They offer universes where we can explore beautiful kingdoms like in the Final Fantasy series, or where we can wander post-apocalyptic wastelands like in Fallout. These giant environments give us playgrounds where there’s always something to do, which keeps us entertained. We want to know what this new place we’ve come across has to offer, or what creatures dwell in this new area we’ve discovered. These larger-than life worlds found in RPGs have so much to offer, that we never want to leave.

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The Battles and Combat Feel Exciting

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The combat found in RPGs can vary depending on the game. Some are more action-oriented, while others leave it up to the imagination to visualize the fight occurring. Either way, it’s still fun to clash with enemies using powers and weapons that make us feel invincible. We get so much enjoyment from taking down giant monsters using swords and hammers in Monster Hunter or blasting Heartless with magical spells in Kingdom Hearts that we don’t want to stop. Then there are boss battles. The matches that put everything we’ve learned on our journeys to the test. That satisfying feeling of achieving victory by just a hair after so long just makes everything before then worth it.

They Tell us Amazing Stories

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An RPG isn’t an RPG without a story that keeps us invested and makes us want to continue playing. Some tell grand tales of saving the world from evil, while others can be more personal and tell of the journey of a group of friends. Either way, RPGS make us feel like we are a part of the story. All the twists and turns that can happen and how it effects the game keep us on the edge of our seats. We feel like we have an influence on the plot that unfolds, and therefore do our best to make sure we achieve the goals set before us. This is especially true in RPGs that have multiple endings, meaning the choices we make are even more crucial to the end game, and that excites us.

 The Characters we Meet Stay with Us

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While a good story makes us want to reach the end of an RPG, the characters we meet make us enjoy the journey to that end. RPGs have produced some of the most memorable characters in all of video game history, and there’s a reason why. The relationships we build with the characters we come across through the game feel realistic and sincere. We love seeing how they relate to us as the main character and how the connection develops overtime. Will this character stick around as a good friend? Will they end up meeting a tragic end? Will they accomplish whatever they’re setting out to do? In the end, it’s the characters in an RPG that can lead to a great experience.

We Love Being the Hero

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By definition, the purpose of an RPG is to immerse ourselves in a great experience. Everything we do in an RPG is centered on us, which gives us a sense of higher purpose and control of our destiny. We decide how we fight enemies. We decide who fights alongside us. We decide how the story unfolds. The whole concept that we are the only ones who can complete the quest creates thrill and fun. That’s the great thing about this genre: it makes us feel like we can do anything, and whatever we end up doing is important.

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