There seems to be a burgeoning subset of souls-like games which seek to combine the combat style of Dark Souls with another style of game. Absolver combined the formula with detailed melee combat like in a fighting game, while Necropolis transplanted the Dark Souls design into more of a dungeon crawling setting. Following […]

That’s right, it’s Thursday June 13th, 2019. Also known to some as Indie Day! Today one of Nintendo’s livestreams will be dedicated to indie titles coming to the platform in the future. We’ve got a lot to look forward to, and we’ll get to that. But first, we’re not even half-way through […]

E3 is all about the big spectacle releases. You’ve got your Halo’s, your Final Fantasy’s and of course, the one or two Zelda’s. Sometimes a game like People Can Fly’s Outriders comes a long though and shows a sliver of hope to a certain type of audience. Outriders is pushing […]

We covered the macrocosmic elements surrounding game narrative in this article, where we discussed narrative in horror. Now, let’s look at first person shooters by diving into the specifics, shall we? First Person Shooters First person shooter is a far larger gaming genre than horror likely ever will be. Countless […]

inXile Entertainment gave us Wasteland 3‘s approximate release date — Spring 2020 — and a brand new trailer showing off a radical change in geographical setting. The game moves from the dry heat of the American south-west to Colorado’s bitter cold. Players will continue to take on the role of […]

Nintendo held their annual E3 Direct to conclude the presentation portion of their conference. The Direct featured some heavy hitters and some surprise announcements — here’s a full recap of the Nintendo Direct for E3 2019. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel Release Date: TBA The surprise […]