The heart and soul of Smash Hit Plunder lies in humanity’s innate desire to run amok in a VR environment. The best part is that you don’t even need to clean up after making a horrendous mess of the place. Burn food to a crisp, shatter priceless vases, and smash […]

 Fallout 76 is an online-only multiplayer survival game where you play as the vault-dwellers who are the first to explore the area of Appalachia. Since the game released there have been several criticisms regarding the game’s lack of story, NPCs, and less-than-stellar PVP combat. The current system isn’t very rewarding […]

At first, Jon Shafer’s At the Gates is intimidating for players who aren’t heavily invested in 4X games. I asked Anthony, CoG’s Editor In Chief if we had any games for me to review as I started to shake off the rust that had set in during the holidays and […]

We’ve talked about certain shows having been turned into anime in my previous article. Now, it turns out that there have been a few Marvel and DC characters that have been given the same treatment. Ever wonder what Batman or Catwoman looks like as an anime character? Look no further […]

True to the Company’s nature, Nintendo decided to throw a curve ball at its audience by announcing an Indie presentation instead of the heavily expected January Direct. While this presentation likely dampens the chances of a main-line Direct, that doesn’t mean some great indie games weren’t announced. From RPGs to simulators, it […]

A new update is coming to Nintendo’s mega-hit fighter, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, although we can’t nail down exactly what this new version will bring with it. If you go to check your copy of Super Smash Bros Ultimate right now, you’ll find a notification similar to the one below: […]