Anthony Dennis


Anthony is the Owner of Culture of Gaming and he spends his days studying, gaming and working on the site.

Taylor Evans

Site Admin / Reviewer

Taylor has been gaming for as long as he could hold a controller. He has hosted gaming oriented podcasts for four years.

Sean Scalise

Graphic Designer

Sean is a graphic designer for Culture of Gaming, and likes to spend his free time playing video games, & watching movies.

Matthew Garcia

Reviewer / Content Creator

Matt spends his days reviewing Tech for Culture of Gaming, appearing on the Power Up Podcast & running the YouTube Channel, Tech for Thought

Kevin Eng

Kevin Eng


I like games, I like to talk about games, and most importantly I like to write about games.

Aulea Lotty

Editor / PR Manager

Hi! I am a Writing and Linguistics graduate who enjoys watching anime and loves playing unique indie games and simulation games.

Kevin Alvarez


Kevin is a Staff Writer at COG. He plays a wide variety of video games and writes reviews, editorials, and news.

Mike Sol


How’s it going everyone, I’m Mike Sol and I am one of many contributing writers to Culture of Gaming.

Andrew Duron

Podcaster / YouTube Creator

Professional nonsense talker powered by turkey jerky and synth music. I can usually be found smashing buttons in the latest fighting games.