Anthony Dennis


Anthony is the Owner of Culture of Gaming and he spends his days studying, gaming and working on the site.

Taylor Evans

Site Admin / Reviewer

Taylor has been gaming for as long as he could hold a controller. He has hosted gaming oriented podcasts for four years.

Sean Scalise

Graphic Designer

Sean is a graphic designer for Culture of Gaming, and likes to spend his free time playing video games, & watching movies.

Matthew Garcia

Reviewer / Content Creator

Matt spends his days reviewing Tech for Culture of Gaming, appearing on the Power Up Podcast & running the YouTube Channel, Tech for Thought

Kevin Eng


I like games, I like to talk about games, and most importantly I like to write about games.

Aulea Lotty

Editor / PR Manager

Hi! I am a Writing and Linguistics graduate who enjoys watching anime and loves playing unique indie games and simulation games.

Joshalynne Finch


If I'm not running through Colorado's breathtaking landscape, I'm indoors hidden away in my cozy game room trolling noobs and leveling up.

Callum Marshall

Managing Editor

Chief writer for Culture of Gaming. Sony fanboy, podcaster and all round gaming afficiando.

Kevin Alvarez


Kevin is a Staff Writer at COG. He plays a wide variety of video games and writes reviews, editorials, and news.

Mike Sol


How’s it going everyone, I’m Mike Sol and I am one of many contributing writers to Culture of Gaming.

Andrew Duron

Podcaster / YouTube Creator

Professional nonsense talker powered by turkey jerky and synth music. I can usually be found smashing buttons in the latest fighting games.

Oscar Navarro


Oscar is a writer for Culture of Gaming. He is an aspiring video game journalist that follows anything and everything Nintendo.

Will Nelson

Staff Writer

My names Will Nelson, I'm a Podcaster, Journalist and Radio Presenter. I love all video games and tweet about them @WillNelson1998