I had just spent the last six hours shining shoes. I was saving up for a better computer to stop my fans’ complaints about the quality of my videos. My wife, who I had met yesterday, bought me a rug I didn’t need; and my roommate—living with both of us—kicked me out because I had skimped on the rent again. This is truly a YouTuber’s life. Or so YouTubers Life OMG! Edition would have you believe.

I went into YouTubers Life OMG! Edition with very little expectations. From the cover, it didn’t look like it was going to have much more content than a Sims spinoff game.

But after spending a lot of time with the simulation game from U-Play Online, I realized that there was more content here than initially expected. To see everything that the game has to offer, however, you must play through it more than once.

But are these extra aspects even worth seeing? And between the grind of time management coupled with monotonous tasks, you have to ask, “Is it a YouTuber’s life for me?”

The Story of How I Made My First Million – Premise of Gameplay

What better place to start talking about the game, than at its core? The core of this game is customization. When you start playing YouTubers Life OMG! Edition, you get to customize not only what your protagonist looks like, but you also get to pick what kind of channel they start, and their focus within said channel.

Do you want to start a gaming channel, but focus on making the most money? You can! Do you want to make a cooking channel, but focus on becoming exceedingly educated in video production and editing? You can!

In YouTubers Life OMG! Edition, you start as a kid living at their mom’s house. The overall goal of the game is to balance life with the success of your growing channel.

You must make sure you are never hungry or tired, and that you appease those who are helping you. Your mom demands you spend a lot of time studying. Later on, your roommate expects you to have enough money for rent every month.

As your channel becomes more successful, you can live in more places, and you can hire more people to help make your videos.

Spend Time Wisely – How It Plays

Everything in YouTubers Life OMG! Edition helps everything else. With a better setup, the quality of your videos gets better. The better your videos are, the more viewers you get. So on and so forth.

When you make videos, you are spending cards to make certain aspects such as writing or editing better. Spending your cards correctly will make a better video.

Sometimes, other “U-Tubers”—as the game calls them—will want to pay you to make videos for them. Sometimes these friends will ask you to go to a party, movie, or event.

But other than these things, the whole game is about managing time. Whether you sleep, study, or even earn money with a day job, it’s all illustrated the same way. A clock ticks and a segment of your day is gone. It’s not particularly fun to sit through.

The Same Game – Repetition

Watching the clock tick and building meters is not the only problem. No matter which course you choose for your “U-Tube” career to go, it all feels the same.

In my first playthrough, I was a gaming YouTuber focused on finding love. I made videos out of my room at my mom’s house. I went to the events, movies, and parties with my “friends” that the game told me to do.

While I was at events like a cell phone release, time froze. I used this to my advantage and met a woman, and just clicked on repetitive dialogue options until she went from being a stranger to a friend, to a girlfriend to a fiancé. It was repetitive, but the game left me no option, because I knew that if I didn’t, I would have no time back in my room to build our relationship.

Eventually, I started the game again as a cooking channel focused on my studies. While learning things to improve my videos was helpful overall, I still spent my whole time filling meters. That’s all there was to it.

Visual and Aesthetic

Even though YouTubers Life OMG! Edition seems, on the surface, like it could have added some content, the options for customization haven’t exactly evolved much either. There are only so many ways to make your avatar look different. And no matter which of the three channel types you start (gaming, cooking, or music), your characters will all look, feel, and act the same way.

The beginning of the game has an instance that best illustrates this. While you are customizing the way your character looks, you hear the same noise from your character over and over as you move your cursor to the option you actually want. Depending on whether you picked male or female, your character makes an approving “hmm” noise after every choice. And I mean after EVERY choice.

YouTubers Life OMG! Edition – Conclusion

I stated in the introduction that there is more content than you can play through in one career. I just don’t think that, between the monotonous meter building and repetitious gameplay, it’s worth seeing.

It ends up asking whether you want to fill a meter at a gaming convention or a concert. YouTubers Life OMG! The edition has a lot of what is tedious about the life of a YouTuber, and hardly any of what is fun about it.

(You can check out more gaming reviews over at OpenCritic.com.)

Aesthetic Has Charm
Some Customization
Three Different Channels To Build
Day-To-Day Tasks Are Monotonous
Leveling Up Relationships Is Tedious
Variety Leaves Something To Be Desired

Review Summary

YouTubers Life OMG! Edition is a cute little game that peers into the hectic nature of running a “U-Tube” channel while running your own life. Unfortunately, the monotonous gameplay leaves what could have been “simple but fun” as “simple and grindy”.

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