Sad news in the gaming world today as Desmond “Etika” Amofah, a big member of the Super Smash Bros community, was found dead earlier today on June 25, 2019. Some of Etika’s belongings were found by Manhattan Bridge prior to being found. After days of searching, the police pulled his body from East River after his apparent suicide.


Etika was a popular YouTuber known for his over-the-top theatrical reactions to any announcement related to Super Smash Bros. His videos inspired some hilarious memes and were great content for all to enjoy. His energy was almost infectious, and could be felt through his reactions to the announcements.

However, he aired suicidal thoughts on the last video he uploaded to his YouTube channel. Afterwards, he took a break from YouTube.

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Not long ago, Etika had a breakdown that was streamed live on Instagram. The video shows signs of his mental instability, and the police had to intervene, entering his apartment and taking him into custody.

Other instances of his mental instability came out in his other posts and videos, one of which was of a fight between himself and what looked to be a police officer.

He also streamed Japanese animated pornographic material to his YouTube account. This resulted in his ban from the platform, and he moved to Instagram as his new content platform.


It’s sad to see someone who brought joy to so many pass on. His reaction videos were a joy to watch, and he showed so much love for Nintendo products. He will be missed. Well wishes for his family and friends in this dark time.

If you or anyone you love show signs that they are in need of help, do not hesitate. There are means to seek help, such as a hotline to call at anytime. 1-800-273-8255. Seek help and get more information at this address HERE.

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