As we near the end of the year, Microsoft continues to roll out the updates. For this month, we have new customization options for your avatar, navigate the system with your voice, and much more. So let’s take a look at this month’s updates for the Xbox One.

Xbox Avatars

New Avatars on Xbox

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With the all-new Xbox Avatars, making your very own character is now even more in-depth. You can set up a wide variety of options from your body shape and what you wear, to the way you look and act. the ways you can express yourself.  All clothing you wear can have their own unique colors and even allowing the option to change your character’s limbs. Alongside with picking a personality for your character, there is a wide set of objects that your character can use and even more through the xbox store if you want even more options available.

Once you’re done changing up your character’s look and how they act, you can snap a photo and have your own special gamerpic that feature your character. You can even set up your avatar to appear on your friend’s feed as well.  Finally, if you prefer the original Avatars over the original, you can still keep it.

Xbox Skill

Amazon Echo Dot Xbox One Bundle

If you have missed the ability to navigate through your Xbox One without your Kinect, the new Xbox Skill feature has you covered. If you have a Cortana or Alexa enabled devices, you can now use them to navigate your Xbox One. You can perform a variety of commands such as telling Alexa or Cortana to turn on the system, play a certain game and much more. If you need help with setting up make sure to check out Xbox for the directions.

Dolby Vision Support

Dolby Vision Xbox One Settings UI

For those of us who are looking for even richer entertaining options, Xbox One S and Xbox One X will now have access the Dolby Vision HDR video streaming. This will deliver enhanced HDR with dynamic scene-by-scene precision and accuracy compared to standard HDR. For a list of compatible TVs, make sure to check out the list here. The first of many apps that will work with Dolby Vision Support will be Netflix Premium.

New Languages for Narrator

Finally, navigating a gaming system can be a slight complication if English isn’t your strong suit. As such, Xbox Narrator now has support for five languages. These include Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish and Dutch. You can also have an Australian version of English too so Australian users don’t have to pick the US or UK versions.

For more information, make sure to read the full breakdown on

Are you excited for the update? Will you be using the updated Avatars? Leave your thoughts down below and be sure to follow us here at Culture of Gaming for more information on any updates coming to the Xbox One and all things gaming.

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