Xbox Avatars pushed back to 2018

The latest update for the Xbox Avatars will need a bit more time before it’s ready.  Back in E3 2017, Microsoft had announced an update to their Xbox Avatars 2.0 that will completely change how your Avatar looks.

From being able to express yourself uniquely to customizing disabilities, there was plenty to look forward to.  The update was set to come out in Fall, although progress has gone unheard since June.

Earlier this week, Mika Ybarra (Corporate Vice President of Xbox and Windows gaming) announced on Twitter the news that this latest update will launch in early 2018.

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With the amount of work and details being placed into this update, it can be understandable if there may be more tweaks needed to get it ready.  Xbox Avatar 2.0 makes use of a Unity Engine; something completely different from what the old Avatars used.

There is no word if any special Avatar items from the Xbox 360 will carry over or not.  These items included a Med Kit prop or T-Shirts from Left 4 Dead 2, a Halo Waypoint Monitor resembling 343 Guilty Sparkand the Weighted Companion Cube from Portal 2 just to name a few.

Patience Will Pay Off in 2018?

With the way things are set up, Microsoft looks to make a big push in 2018 with not just the Avatar update, but with their recently launched Xbox One X and upcoming games like State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves, and Crackdown 3.  

Is there anything you are looking forward to for your Avatar?  How will it integrate into the Xbox One when it comes out next year? Leave a comment below and stay tuned with Culture of Gaming for any new developments on the Xbox One.

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