The colours are grittier, the lands are emptier, but the story is the same. Fiends are threatening your tribe or village and you are the designated hero. It’s classic WoW.

I came to WoW quite late in life at the grand old age of 27, so I had none of the nostalgic feelings to draw me into Classic mode. I’d only played the modern version, mainly as a Worgen Rogue. When Classic came out I was wrestling with myself as to whether it was worth paying for my subscription any more, but I knew I still loved the game.

Despite playing WoW when Classic came out, I was late to the party, only trying it out a few weeks ago. I picked a Tauren again, having fallen in love with Thunder Bluff in the main mode. I’ve completed the starter storyline as a regular old Tauren, but with her second-cousin-twice-removed in the Classic realm, everything feels different. 

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As Tulip Barnes the Druid, I am slaying sabretooth’s left, right and centre, adventuring through this beautiful old-style WoW. It feels quieter somehow, more immersive. It gels with the settings better, with the old-timey art and the old-fashioned lifestyle WoW characters live.

Sure, it’s still a bit grindy, and I am sick to death of Battleboars, but there is something special about travelling through Azeroth this way. The relationship I have with my new character is much deeper than the experience I had with a modern Tauren. Everything feels more real.


But wait…


Of course, Classic has its downsides too. The newer WoW has all the bells and whistles but I feel it has definitely lost some of its charms. I’m becoming increasingly unattracted to the brighter, more vivid colours and being drawn to the grittier, more real colours like WoW Classic. 

I actually stopped playing WoW for a while when Battle for Azeroth came out. I was thrown into a new map area that was laggy and too full of other players to enjoy, and I lost the relationship with my character somewhere in the middle of the chaos. Missing my WoW fix, I gave Classic a try. It was the best thing I’ve done all year. 

Classic mode has hooked me and it keeps reeling me back in, in a way the newer game doesn’t do. I have to say, I was surprised that the story was the same, but I shouldn’t have been. I’m glad it is – getting to experience the Tauren starter story all over again is actually great. I feel like I’m getting a share in the old WoW days, that passed me by, despite the familiar storyline. It also reminds me how much WoW meant to me when I first started raising hell in Gilneas and Thunder Bluff. 


And all was well


As I trundle across Red Mesa as a ghost for the third time, I decide that this is what it’s all about. The pleasure in WoW is all about the wandering around; strolling across lands like you’ve nowhere important to be. It feeds your imagination like a high octane shooter never will. The quirky comments your character makes are fantastic and more immersive than any storyline WoW could come up with. Azeroth as a setting, really speaks. It’s almost a character itself. Maybe the best way to enjoy Azeroth really is on Classic mode.

Whether you’re a hardcore WoW player or you’ve never even tried it, WoW Classic is definitely worth a go.

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