One of the most important aspects of progression in World of warcraft classic is earning gold. By farming gold and building up your reserves, you can purchase the items you need as you level up, and you’ll be in a better position as you get to the higher levels later in the game. Many players start farming early to get their mount once they reach level 40. The best professions to getting your mount are Skinning, Mining, or Herbalism.

In this guide, we’ve covered some of the best WoW Classic farming locations, but we advise not to begin farming until you hit at least level 25 to maximize results. You’ll make very little gold during your first 30 levels when compared to levels above this, but we’ve included some locations to ensure you can afford a mount once you reach level 40.

Wetlands – Whelps – Level 23+

First up is a decent alliance spot for farming gold. You should find dragonskin that has a good loot table, it’s ideal for Skinning, Small Flame Sacs often drop, and Tiny Crimson Whelping is also known to drop.

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Wetlands – Whelgar’s Excavation Site – Raptors – Level 25+

This next location plenty of Classic gold avaliable and is perfect for medium leather drops, and its another place that is great for Skinning.

Thousand Needles – Centaurs – Level 25+

Once you hit level 25, this place is good for gold farming, which is mainly down to Horde, but plenty of High-end vendor trash will drop, and it’s also close to a Freewind Post to vendor when needed.

Hillsbrad Foothills – Snapjaw Turtles – Level 30+

This next location in Blizzard’s MMORPG is best used for Skinning, and its great for Turtle Meat drops, which can be used to Sooth Turtle Bisque. You’ll also encounter clam drops used for cooking, with a possibility of getting pearls.

Desolace – Shadowprey Village – Shellfish – Level 32+

The sea nearby the village holds shellfish in cages that you can collect, and these can be changed into gold on the docks by handing them to Jinar’ Zillen, some form of underwater breathing should be used.

Stranglethorn Vale – Kurzen Compound – Kurzen Humanoids – 35+

This location is perfect for Herbalism and/or Mining as you’ll find great vendor trash drops, as well as herbs and cloth.

Stranglethorn Vale – Venture Co. Camp – Level 35+

Next up is another area that’s decent for Mining ad Herbalism, and Fused Wiring will drop from Venture Co.

Badlands – Rock Elementals – 35+

To the North, you’ll find the Lesser Rock Elementals, which you can begin from level 35, although you’ll need to be level 40 to do the ones in the South. Restorative Potions, Nature Protective Potions, and Field Repair Bots can be crafted from the Elemental Earth drops here. It’s great for Herbalism and Mining, and vendor trash drops here in the masses.

Swamp of Sorrows – Dreaming & Adolescent Whelps – Level 35+

To the South of this location is a small cave where chests have been known to spawn, definitely worth checking. Skinning is best used here as Dragonskin usually has a decent loot table. Small Flame Sacs can drop, and possibly Tiny Emerald Whelping too.

Badlands – Scalding Whelps – Level 40+

The last location is another good Skinning spot, but also good for Herbalism and Mining. Drops include Small Flame Sacs, and there’s also a chance of Dark Whelping dropping.

We do hope these locations help you on your way to achieving some decent gold reserves as you reach level 40 and beyond, but if we’ve missed any great spots, share them with us in the comments!


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