A  new World of Final Fantasy sequel is confirmed for a release sometime this year.


Where It Will Be

The game launches initially in Japan. This information was featured in an issue of Weekly Famitsu. The new World of Final Fantasy game acts as a sequel to the first game. Additionally, the title of the new game will be World of Final Fantasy: Meli-Melo. It releases for iOS and Android stores exclusively.

Due to its iOS and Android exclusivity, it doesn’t follow the same console release pattern as the first game. The first World of Final Fantasy released on the PC, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 4. This original game received good review scores and took about fifty hours to complete. It featured “chi-bi” styled versions of Final Fantasy characters. A few examples of this would be Lightening from Final Fantasy 13, and Cloud from Final Fantasy 7.

The Story

The World of Final Fantasy sequel takes place in Valgallan. In this world, the player will meet Mirages. Much like the original game, Meli-Melo uses a familiar system to facilitate battles. The player is able to stack different characters in order to fit their particular play-style. According to the issue in Famitsu, the game also uses similar art-style to the first, and it will feature many call-backs and aspects of fan service for fans of the original World of Final Fantasy.

When To Expect It

The release date of World Final Fantasy: Meli-Melo is unknown as of yet. However, the game is set to launch on iOS and Android platforms later this year.

Does the news of a new Final Fantasy World excite you? How do you feel about the change of platform from the first Final Fantasy World to the second? Let us know and stick with us, right here on Culture of Gaming. 

Source: IGN

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