When it comes to games like Dynasty Warriors, you either love them or find them too repetitive. There is a certain charm to those games that always makes me coming back for more. From “The Three Kingdoms of China” to manga adaptations, I love the over-the-top combat each game creates.

Even the ones that came out on Nintendo platforms have done amazing jobs in their presentation.  Hyrule Warriors was well-received with the combat it brought to the game and allowing a few characters to use different weapons in-game.

Meanwhile, Fire Emblem Warriors brought over the Weapon Triangle system and three games together that contributed to one of many great games on the Nintendo Switch. I’m crossing my fingers that when Hyrule Warriors drops on the Switch, it might bring the four heroes from Breath of the Wild and make them playable too.

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Please don’t make me wait for the sequel for this.

With the success of these titles in the Warriors-styled gameplay, it makes me wonder if there will be a third series that will get made into a possible hack and slash. We don’t know what the Omega Force team could work on after Dynasty Warriors 9, so for all we know, we could get that announcement this year of their next big crossover project.

As such, I’d like to take this time and consider what franchises that Nintendo has that would be ripe for the taking and what they can bring to this genre. It will be difficult to say how well it would work with some franchises, but that is part of the fun to figure out what they can bring. So let’s put on your thinking caps and imagine the possibilities of the next possible Warriors game for Nintendo.

Angel Warriors: Palutenia vs Hades!

When thinking about games where you have massive armies, one series that comes to mind is Kid Icarus. After Kid Icarus: Uprising, we have established the perfect setting that can lend itself perfectly to the Warriors formula. What makes this even better is that Uprising had established several different factions as well that you can use to tell this grand story.

First, you have Pit who leads Palutenia’s Forces. Next, you have the Underworld Army that has Medusa, Hades, and many others. From there, we have the Forces of Nature led by Viridi with her generals Phosphora, Arlon, and Dark Pit.

Finally, when we take into account the forces of Chaos, the Space Pirates and the Aurum, you have plenty of material to work with to create a Grand Ol’ War!

There are so many characters in this game! Why not give a few of them the chance to shine?

Whether if we considered this as a spin-off or even as a sequel to Uprising definitely can leave a lot of crazy possibilities. The roster is expansive enough to allow for tons of characters while you can make use of a wide variety of enemies to spread out just how unique each faction is. It would also be a fun idea if the Fiend’s Cauldron was brought over so that before the start of each battle, you can wager how difficult you want the fight to be to get a higher payout.

You can even use this time to give Palutena more Angel heroes that can use the special weapons that Pit wouldn’t use since he would likely stick with his trusty bow. There are so many possibilities with the Kid Icarus series and I hope it is being taken into account with its untapped potential for a heavenly war.

Mushroom Kingdom Warriors: Toads vs Goombas!

Mario has been in just about every possible genre in the world of gaming. You can even mark “Tactical Shooter” off thanks to Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. While Mario has seemingly touched every sport and every style of gameplay, we have yet to see what happens when Mario decides to punch his way through Bowser’s Army.

So many characters reside in the Mushroom Kingdom.  One can grab a good handful of them and find a number of ways that they can wage a full-out war.  Whether if they stand with Bowser and the Koopa Kingdom or Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom, it would be fun to see how far the roster could be expanded out.

From having Mario and Luigi attacking Goombas and Koopas to watching Bowser and his kiddos wale on a giant group of Toads; it would probably be the most violent we will see the Mario characters get that isn’t Smash Bros related.

The closest we’ve gotten to an “Army of Toads.”

While you could probably just leave it at there, you can expand on this even further. After all, Hyrule Warriors was able to implement Zelda into the core gameplay during encounters with Big Bosses.

What if you could be able to augment character abilities through a power up? You could take a page out of Super Mario 64 DS and allow each character to have access to one special powerup that they can call their own.

Give Mario the Fire Flower, Luigi could have a Ghost-theme power, give Wario his Warioman abilities. It could almost be like having a more powered up version of a character that can bring even more chaos to the battlefields. A lot of fun possibilities can be had if we decide to throw Mario and company into a full-blown battlefield.

F-Zero Warriors: Bounty Hunters vs Dark Million!

Back when F-Zero X came out, it had expanded the roster of racers from four to thirty. It didn’t expand out the story of said racers, but then we F-Zero GX came out. Suddenly, the world of F-Zero expanded out even further with a story mode and even post Grand Prix interviews that gave each character their own special personality.

While many gamers have waited for that next F-Zero title to come out, the game had since slipped out of the home market scene and this summer it will be 15 years since F-Zero GX came out. While it would be great to see an F-Zero title for the Nintendo Switch, part of me feels like the next best option would be to finally see Captain Falcon doing his job for once.

Would be fair to assume that more than half these guys know how to fight outside of their machines, right?

It wouldn’t be hard to consider that those in the F-Zero would be resolve issues with more than just racing. Just looking at the original four racers, there’s a bounty hunter, a samurai, and an ex-military hitman.

You can easily have a situation where Black Shadow’s latest scheme goes well beyond the tracks and it results in some of the racers forming an alliance to bring him to justice. Whether if they decide to follow the anime plot or tell a brand new story, there would be plenty of ways to expand out the world and showcase characters like Captain Falcon for being just as badass in a fight as much as on the tracks.

Go For Broke: Smash Warriors!

For as lovely as it is to throw out ideas left and right on which franchise should get the Warriors treatment, it does make you wonder if Nintendo should decide to go all in? It isn’t like the established world of Smash Bros is hard to figure out if we look at it with Subspace Emissary in mind.

Alongside with being able to bring Zelda and Fire Emblem together, you can also bring together all the other popular Nintendo IPs together and have them showcase what overwhelming power that each of them possesses. Establish the threat, throw in the characters, and go all out with the character roster.

Whether if it’s a sequel to Subspace, or its own new story, it would be great to have another gigantic crossover game.

Of course, the question would then become, how far do would you go in bringing together the Nintendo mascots together and what kind of story you would tell from it.

For what reason would all of this be happening? You could do a sequel to Subspace perhaps, or you can establish a bigger threat than before. Throw together a plot that would force enemies and rivals to team up in order to save their world once more.

Final Thoughts: Will we see another Warriors game on Nintendo?

For as fun as it is to pitch these possibilities, these are nothing more than a fun speculation game. As someone who greatly enjoys these kinds of games, it can be fun to imagine what games can be turned into an over the top beat ’em up game where enemies get torn down in the hundreds.

The question, however, remains: Would the audience be there if it were to happen again? Nintendo took a gamble on Hyrule Warriors; letting the Zelda series transform into a brand new style it has never seen before. It has to have been worth something if it is getting a re-release this spring.

When I think of what I had shared with you, I’d like to think that there’s definitely a chance it can happen. Warriors games are almost like like a yearly series dating back to early 2000. Whether if they’re part of the main series or a spinoff of a manga or video game, these games are here to stay.

It can just be difficult to know what the future holds for any future titles that involve the Switch itself. But if we’re going to see Hyrule Warriors return soon with One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3, I’d like to think that there is still a future there. Only time will tell what will happen next. I just hope that if we do see another Warriors game, it is one that will be able to recapture the excitement all over again.

Will Koei-Tecmo revisit the Nintendo Switch in the near future? What Nintendo IP deserves to get the Warriors treatment? Leave your thoughts down below and be sure to follow us here at Culture of Gaming for more fun and insightful Editorials.

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