Why You Should Support Small Video Game Businesses


Whenever I needed something you were always there. You provided me food, clothes, entertainment and other essentials for survival. Walmart and Target had everything that I needed for my daily life. The larger retailers also supplied my gaming needs. Major releases would always land in their hands, but these large supplies have hurt small businesses.

Why should you support smaller gaming businesses?

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1. They have video games that major retailers do not always carry.

Major retailers will always carry the newest video games, the newest consoles, and the newest accessories. However, these major retailers only carry the newest stuff. What happens to the old stuff? Old video games get put on sale and as their demand fades the supply diminishes.

Small video game businesses often have games that you would not find at a regular retailer. They will generally carry older games and you can even find games some which are difficult to get. These small stores can be a collector’s paradise. They often carry things are not easily accessible in larger retail chains. This includes older generation consoles.

But what happens when demand for older video games diminish? Will these small businesses close? What happens when the supply for older video games disappears? How will this disappearance affect the market?

2. The video games in smaller businesses are not always overpriced.

Some people believe that smaller businesses, in general, can be a little overpriced. Yet, this is not true. One could argue that you are generally paying for the accessibility of a product. You also avoid any shipping fees if you buy in the store instead of online

I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My recent favorite new video game stores are Gamers Anonymous and Super Gamers Anonymous. The pricing in both these stores has always been on point. The pricing either matches Amazon’s and eBay’s price, and will sometimes it’s cheaper.

For my birthday I used my parents’ money to buy a sealed copy of Mega Man Zero 2. On eBay this would generally fetch for $125 to $150, not factoring in shipping or tax. I bought my copy of Mega Man Zero 2 for $120 at Gamers Anonymous. And I had the added benefit of receiving my copy of Mega Man Zero 2 right then and there. I did not have to wait for shipping nor did I need to fear my game getting damaged in the shipping process.

3. The employees tend to have a stronger passion for their job.

Working for any business can be a job. There is really no such thing as an easy job. Some jobs can be easier than others, however, but time and effort are still required to complete the tasks for any given job.

The larger retailers have a wider base of employees that range in specialities. Yet each employee in these larger chains still focuses on more than one general department. Additionally, the employees within these larger chains are commonly required to multi-task and focus on multiple priorities. From what I have noticed, when several things are happening, providing the best service can be challenging. There’s also the issue that some employees within larger chains may have little knowledge about certain products. These employees may not be able to help provide knowledge about video games that you, the customer, may be interested in.

The employees in smaller businesses, however, have a smaller amount of product than the larger chain businesses. This allows the employees to focus in and truly understand the products they are trying to promote. The employees also tend to be gamers in smaller businesses, allowing for the employees to connect and relate to the customer better.

The main product in small gaming businesses is, of course, video games. The employees are also familiar with a fair number of genres within the gaming industry, which I believe shows a passion and love for the product being promoted. A general understanding and a passion and love for a product can generally lead to good things. These good things can turn into great customer service, which can make or break a purchase. Great customer service can make you feel welcomed, and make you want to constantly visit the store for future purchases. On the other hand, poor customer service can turn you away from a business. This poor experience can spread and reach other people creating a bad chain reaction.

What do you think of small businesses? What is your favorite small video game business within your area? Share your thoughts with us here at Culture of Gaming.




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