Why I Rage Quit Space Hulk: Deathwing

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Format/s: PS4, PC

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Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Developers: Streum on Studio, Cyanide

Release Date:14th December 2016

Why I Rage Quit a game I loved.

Starting Out

Deathwing is a fantastic game. It’s got a great arcade feel during the tutorial (which is entirely optional, so that’s a bonus), and it had me excited. I had a blast during the Chapter I played, even though this is pretty much my first experience of anything Warhammer. You can give this a go if a Warhammer noob like me. 

Space Hulk: Deathwing is an FPS with a strong storyline. You play as a Space Marine with some cool weapons and abilities. The map is challenging, and trying to figure that out helped make the game excellent for me. 

So why did I quit a game I was having such a good time on?

Throwing the Controller Down

I ran through almost a whole chapter, and I’d got the hang of the controls, the map. I was having a great time. And then I died. Yeah, Mel, it happens in gaming, it’s kind of the point. Of course, but Deathwing wanted me to start all over again. The whole flipping Chapter. Don’t get me wrong, I could see how it tied into the storyline (it was actually really clever), but games that make me do everything again when I die are my pet peeve. So with my soul a little bit crushed, I hit Restart Mission and went to try again. Not one to be beaten by a video game, I sat and watched the cutscene. Again. I’ll admit, I had my fingers crossed, hoping it would take me to just the last section I’d gotten my sorry butt killed on, but it didn’t. The Chapter opened right from the beginning, and something inside me snapped. 

All that time. Over an hour of gaming just – gone? You had to be kidding. 

So, I hit the Home button on my Dualshock 4 and backed out.

But What If

I’ve been thinking about Deathwing ever since. It was a great game. The actual shooting was tacky but the cutscenes, the story, the map, the relics to find. All of that was amazing. Is the game over for me forever because I can’t suck it up and redo Chapter One? Am I right to be miffed about this, or is it a sin no game maker should’ve committed? Is there any value in making your players redo entire chapters of your storyline, at the risk of driving them off your game for good? When I over-do games (replaying levels over and over), it utterly kills it for me. Has that decision to throw me back to the beginning essentially ruined the game for me? Video games have appalling statistics for the number of users who see them through to the end. Why in the world did Deathwing’s creators choose to go this way? 

But I can’t help thinking, what if? What if I hadn’t rage quit? What if I had another go? Would it be ruined, or would I still enjoy it? And even if I don’t enjoy it, once I get past what I’ve played before, won’t that fix things? What I always wonder about video games I get stuck on is – how good is the rest of the game? If I never play it, I’ll never know. 

I can’t get this shooter off my mind. I may have to swallow my pride and have another go.

When was the last time you rage quit a game? Why? Do you like replaying games, or do you find that a buzzkill? Let me know in the comments.

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Melanie Jayne Ashford is an old millenial from Wales, UK. She is mum to one mischievous tortoiseshell cat and one French Bulldog puppy. Her gaming passions include RPGs, MMORPGs, FPS and esports. She is also a huge fan of TRPGs. Her favourite character is Aloy.

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