When is the last time that you played a browser game? Even if you have played a browser game recently, how long did it manage to hold your attention before you moved on to something else? Browser games were once a staple entertainment of so many schoolchildren and young adults that it is hard to believe that they are so rarely even thought about in modern society. They died a near-silent death, and the aim of this article is to examine why exactly browser games died.

Are They Dead?

Browser games aren’t dead, you cry, there are dozens or even hundreds of them online, and while you aren’t necessarily wrong, you are missing the point being made. There is, of course, a market for browser game experiences that are fun and exciting, such as the ones available at www.jackpotcitycasino.com, and there likely always will be. These are not, however, games in the same sense as you would have once used to describe a browser game. They are not fancy pants or any of the other iconic games that belong to an era now passed.

The Influence of Technology

Like any other industry, the business of video games is a diverse and changeable field, on that is heavily influenced by technology. The business of making video games is, in fact, likely one of the most technology-dependent industries in the world, which means that technological advancements change the landscape of video games dramatically. One such change that happened more recently than many, the death of flash.
As 2020 finally came to a close, so too did the support for adobe flash, one of the most iconic pieces of software to ever exist and the backbone of so many browser games. These browser games will no longer function, even if the website that hosts them still exists. They have died, along with flash and their death serves as something of a metaphor. Many of you would never have even realized these games were dead had you not read this; you would likely have never even thought about them, which means, functionally, they’ve been dead for much longer than flash has.
This death of browser games likely came from a number of sources, but the main nail in the coffin of browser games was its reputation for substandard games. Like any other medium, web-based development was and is perfectly valid for the creation of your own games. However, due to the freeform and unfiltered nature of the internet, the market for browser games was quickly saturated with self-produced, poor-quality games made by inexperienced developers who were still learning their stuff. This, unfortunately, led to the development of a poor reputation for web-based games, and, well, you read the title of the article.

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Why Does This Matter?

While the actual death of browser games doesn’t have too much impact on the gaming industry as a whole, it is still useful to inspect and understand why certain areas of the industry fail, especially if you wish to avoid letting it happen again. Browser games failed because the market was oversaturated with poor quality games, which means that quality checks are vital to the success of a video game medium.
Knowledge is power, and you can often learn the most from areas of failure, and that is why this matters.

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