The E3 press conferences have come to a close. While everyone may have their favorite, one cannot deny that each handled their showcase differently. Particularly, in the case of the big three system developers, each showcase stood apart, possessing a different style. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo showed us what their company embodies. Because each showcase held such difference in style, who can say who won? Perhaps the concept of “winning E3” is getting a bit antiquated.

Microsoft’s E3 Style

Words to describe Microsoft’s press conference could include words like “straightforward”. The approach comes from a sense of them knowing exactly where they lie in the console race. They have the most powerful system graphically, and they have what seems like the least number of exclusive titles.

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Microsoft took the mindset and didn’t feel like they needed to wow anyone with the show itself. They boasted about their tech and pretty much showed game after game with little interruption. A loud voice boomed before each trailer that contains a game exclusive to Microsoft.


Sony’s E3 Style

Sony, of course, took a different approach. A lot of the games that Microsoft had already shown off the day before will also find a home on the PlayStation 4. Microsoft held the upper hand in showing off the new games first. Sony knew their place in the lineup so the approach that they took included the same “we’re committed to the players” attitude. They differentiated themselves by turning the show into an experience that highlighted a couple exclusive titles.

One cannot mention Sony’s showcase without mentioning the tone. The beginning of it took place in a church revival tent. A man with a banjo played a somber tune. The atmosphere’s intended purpose included introducing the first of only a few games: The Last Of Us: Part II.

I feel it worth mentioning that the Sony awkwardness I mentioned in my last piece is present here as well. The panelists from the E3 Countdown return. Everyone at the conference had to move to a normal setting after The Last Of Us. The anticipation seems almost intentional when Sony left fans at home waiting ten minutes to start things up again. Only then, they showed off the rest of their exclusive games.


Nintendo’s E3 Style

Nintendo has always displayed itself differently than Sony and Microsoft. While the latter two seem in competition with each other, Nintendo has always seemed content to do its own thing. Sony and Microsoft use buzz words like “content” and “for the players”. The E3 Nintendo Direct seemed more personal, with its homey atmosphere and Reggie Fils Aime’s way of talking personally to fans. The event consisted of just a lineup of a few games with a giant Smash Bros Ultimate reveal at the end.


So Who Won?

I feel as write this piece that I didn’t need to mention, while talking about Microsoft, what games people saw. It felt like their conference didn’t hinge on specific titles to accomplish what they set out to do. Sony’s conference made it all about The Last Of Us Part II because of the few amount of titles they showcased. They could afford, in that way, to dedicate the tone of the beginning to one game. And you could consider Nintendo conference as them in a nutshell: personal and nostalgic. They may not throw the kitchen sink, but they do simplicity remarkably well.

So if you came here wondering who won E3, I’d say all three of them did. They did exactly what they set out to do. And they did it well.

Who do you think had the best conference? Let us know in the comments below!

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