When gaming videos first started appearing on YouTube, many gamers were a little unsure. Of course, now there are many people who have become celebrities by showing off their gaming skills online, as well as reviewing games. Many of these people have also earnt a lot of money by becoming YouTube influencers who focus their content on video games.

In light of this, we thought we would look at some of the most popular gamers on YouTube who many now see as celebrities. This will include everyone from PewDiePie to El Rubius who you may have heard of before. Keep reading if you want to know if your favourite gamer made our list below.


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PewDiePie is one of the biggest YouTube celebrities out there; he first became famous due to his gaming content. PewDiePie is playful and fun and many fans spend hours watching what he has to offer. He has millions of subscribers on YouTube and has even started moving across to new channels such as Dlive. With many sponsorship deals under his belt and a large revenue received from his time at YouTube, PewDiePie is definitely one of the most successful.


Another very popular YouTube star in the gaming world is Fernanfloo who comes from El Salvador. Fernanfloo has been taking advantage of the same live streaming technology that you’ll find in live casino games and streaming sites like Twitch to show off his skills. Interestingly, Fenanfloo has started transitioning to comedy vlogging and is riding on the back of his success as a gamer.

El Rubius

Next on our list is El Rubius is also known as elrubiusOMG. This YouTuber comes from Spain and started making his videos back in 2011. Since then, he has gained millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel. However, El Rubius is currently taking a break from YouTube although we are sure he won’t be gone for very long.

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If you enjoy watching gamers on YouTube, then you will probably have heard of this Chilean star. JuegaGerman has a few channels on YouTube and they are all very successful. He is known for having a quick wit and a strong personality which encourages his subscribers to come back for more. This YouTuber has even won two Diamond Play Button awards from YouTube, so you know that he is the real deal.


There are many great gamers out there and many of them don’t ever even think about creating a YouTube video. Many of these YouTubers use their gaming skills and their unique personalities to get a large following and make some money online. With new streaming services being created all of the time and live streaming technology becoming ever more impressive, we are sure that there is a lot more to come.

Make sure to keep an eye on the YouTubers that made our list and any that you have subscribed to already.

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