What’s New to Game Pass? The Messenger, Observation, and more

It’s that time of the month again Xbox fans. Microsoft has just revealed the new titles coming to Game Pass you can get tomorrow! It’s a smaller list than last time, so let’s get right into it!

Game Pass New Additions

First up is The Messenger. This title was already available on PC, but is now coming to your Xbox console of choice. You play as a ninja whose village is attacked by an army of demons in a quest for a scroll that can save his clan. On the surface this game is reminiscent of games like Ninja Gaiden, but becomes something totally unique. This is one you should really experience for yourself!

The Messenger
Source: Mike Szoke, The Messenger In Game Screenshot

The next game coming to consoles is Night Call. This game puts you in the role of a Paris taxi driver working the night shift. As you might expect, this brings you in contact with many interesting characters. When a crooked detective tries to pin a murder on you, it’s these same passengers who will be the key to your freedom. Can you solve the mystery through the stories and clues your passengers have?

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The last console exclusive this time is the rouge-lite Streets of Rouge. A top down mixture of rogue elements and a bit of immersive sim, this game is all about cause and effect. With tons of playable characters with unique stats, skills, and of course a huge amount of items, no two runs will be the same. The amount of variety and freedom this game offers is sure to scratch any rouge-lite fan’s itch.

observation coming to game pass

For PC and console players, Observation rounds out the list. This Sci-Fi thriller mystery puts you in the role of an AI named S.A.M. You’re tasked with discovering what happened to Dr. Emma Fischer and her crew via the station’s systems.

What’s Leaving Soon

Last call on these games before they go! You have until June 30th to check them out if you haven’t already!

Metro Exodus (Console+PC)
ACA Neogeo Metal Slug X (Console+PC)
Life is Strange 2 (Console)
Neon Chrome (Console+PC)
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun (Console+PC)
Steamworld Dig 2 (Console+PC)
The Flame in the Flood (Console+PC)
Battlefleet Gothic Armada (PC)
Die for Valhalla! (PC)

What do you think of these new titles? Which ones are you most excited to play? What games do you want to see added to Game Pass next month? Let me hear you in the comments below! Thanks for trading Culture of Gaming. Or check out all our other news here!

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