The PlayStation 5 is the most anticipated piece of hardware in the video game industry. The PlayStation 4 has changed the face of gaming. In an industry that’s often shifting towards multiplayer experiences, Sony showed that players are still starving for original single-player experiences. We saw this with the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn, Bloodborne, Persona 5, and even returning series such as the 2018 Game of the Year winning God of War.

God of War

It also leads the way for accessible VR, strong hardware, and a lot more. Which means the expectations for the PlayStation 5 are high. Higher than any other console in history really. So, what does the team over at PlayStation need to do to shatter that ceiling?

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Backwards Compatibility

Now, we’ve already gotten word that backwards compatibility is most likely coming. Unfortunately, it appears that only PlayStation 4 games will be included. Many were hoping that at least the PS3would also make the cut. With the team over at Xbox currently including every generation of theirs, it does sting a bit.

On the bright side, there will be cross gen support for multiplayer games. Meaning if your friends haven’t upgraded yet, you can still game on with them. Plus, some of the upcoming games will be cross gen themselves, instead of exclusive to one gen. PlayStation has stated interest in supporting the PS4 for three more years.

Likewise, the PS4 VR hardware will be compatible with the PS5 as well. This helps soften the financial blow a bit for fans. Which may also get fans who have stayed away from VR to be more willing to take the dive.



They need to keep up the quality of exclusive software. Not only by continuing to develop new intellectual property, but by supporting past ones. Some of the series that made PlayStation what it was during the PS2 and PS3 days barely saw the light of day or didn’t see it at all on the PS4. These series include but are not limited to Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, and Sly Cooper. To truly compete with Xbox and Nintendo they need games that appeal to all forms of gamers. Having a variety of styles will help that.

Jak 3

For the most part, the exclusives on the PS4 are third person, story focused games with serious subjects. Bringing in more fun and light-hearted series is a good first step. Here’s a list of software I believe the PS5 needs to surpass the PS4

Please note that some of these games have been confirmed but I am reiterating that these titles should be pushed to the PS5 and not release on the PS4.
  • God of War (2018) sequel
  • New Ratchet & Clank
  • The Last of Us 2 (Announced)
  • Bloodborne 2
  • Uncharted 5 (Rumoured)
  • Jak 4
  • Sly Cooper Reboot
  • Horizon Zero Dawn 2 (Rumoured)
  • Death Stranding (Announced) 
  • Persona 6
  • Spider-Man 2
  • Killzone Reboot
  • Little Big Planet 4
  • MLB The Show Support
  • Ni No Kuni III
  • Days Gone 2

God of War

Obviously, the likelihood of this happening is unlikely. But a strong lineup like this is desperately needed. Not only are first, second, and even third party exclusives important, but PlayStation needs to start attacking the indie scene more. We’ve seen them gain some, such as the phenomenal Observation from the teams over at Devolver Digital and developer No Code, but I believe they need more console Indie exclusives. Since this has never been a large part of their attack plan, and in recent years indie exclusives of high quality have become instant classics. Such as Ori and the Blind Forest.


The PS5 needs to be able to run in 4k with the base model. Since the Pro is capable of reaching near 4K levels, a PS5 without it would be an inferior product in the hardware department. There also needs to be a 60 FPS standard for games. It will be impossible to reach this with every game. Since optimization is up to developers, just like not every current game can hit 1080p, not every game of the next generation will hit 4k. But the console should be capable of reaching it with some ease. Plus continued enhancement support of games like the team at Xbox does is a must.


People care about their graphics and they care about their FPS. Surpassing the standards of the PS4 is not only expected, but it has to happen. Without it, the team is walking head first into failure. Although you shouldn’t expect the level of hardware capable of hitting 8K. That might come with later models of the console.

Load Times

Cloud streaming will also become far larger. With memberships such as Stadia or PS Now potentially running on the system. With it, their infrastructure will need to be improved, and it seems they’re looking at Xbox for that.

Minor Fixes

There are some minor fixes needed to their system. Show us our play times for games, including PS4 and PS5 games in the PS Plus benefits, include name changing from the start. The options that Sony has provided players in terms of tracking, customization, and benefits have been either inconsistent or plain out lame. Improving their general features would really help gain some favor, without being difficult to do.

A slightly larger fix need is their mobile apps. There are three or four different PlayStation apps that split up features that are all seen under one Xbox app, that runs very smooth. It’s ridiculous that a company like this is unable to make one stable app.

PS App

A big item they need to improve on is the Dual Shock controller. It sucks, It’s incredibly uncomfortable, has a practically useless speaker, and an awkward button pad that takes up a lot of space. Please, create something more fitting for a human being.

So there you have it. These are some of the things I feel the PS5 needs to win out over the PS4 and be successful in this next generation of game consoles. What are your thoughts on our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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