E3 has always been something that gamers look forward to and it’s very hard to determine what to expect. However, several explosive goodies are dropped onto the big E3 stage. These explosive goodies are supposed to excite the crowds and could be video games or consoles. Explosive goodies or not, however, it should be an exciting year for Nintendo. Hopefully they will continue to thrive off the current success from the Nintendo Switch. Here are my predictions/expectations from Nintendo as we head into E3 2018.

Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 3DS was released on Oct. 3, 2014. The Wii U version was released on Nov. 21, 2014. On Mar. 8, 2018, Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo Switch was announced. It would not make sense for Nintendo to follow up on this announcement at E3. But it’s hard to determine whether the game will be a port or a brand-new game.

If the game was ported, we can probably expect a complete edition of the game. All the DLC characters should be included within the roster. And with the announcement of the Inklings, we probably will get a few more additions. However, the more that I think about it, I believe the new Smash Bros game will not be a port.

I would expect Nintendo to keep most of the features and game modes from Smash Bros 4, along with most of the characters. Eight Player Smash will likely return, and hopefully Smash Run.

Amiibos will also likely have new features in Smash Bros 5. Nintendo has been milking amiibos to death. I believe that Nintendo will add additional functions to amiibos to add another dimension of complexity to Smash 5. While I have no idea how amiibos could be expanded upon, I feel like they will play a greater factor in the upcoming Smash Bros game. Along with amiibos, I do believe Nintendo will announce four new characters at E3. One of the characters announced could be a forgotten character from either Melee or Brawl. Could Wolf, Snake, Ice Climbers, or Pichu make a return to Smash Bros?

Finally, I believe a few new game modes will be added to Smash 5. In Smash 4 we missed out on a game mode like Subspace Emissary, an adventure included in Smash Bros Brawl. I hope that an adventure mode will be added in Smash 5.

Bayonetta 3

I have never played a Bayonetta game, although it’s on my seemingly endless ‘to do’ list. While I have heard several great things about the Bayonetta series, I have also seen several players rage about Bayonetta in Smash Bros. I also hate her in Super Smash Bros; she is extremely broken.

Bayonetta 3 was announced at the Game Awards in 2017, so I expect to hear more details about Bayonetta 3 at E3.

The same old hack and slash mechanics look fun thus it would be fine to see that gameplay return. Perhaps we can also see additional details about the plot.


I love Pokémon. I grew up playing Pokémon Emerald and Pokémon Diamond. Both Diamond and Emerald were the first games I ever got for the Nintendo DS and I still believe that Generation 4 was the best generation in the Pokémon series.

I, as well as others, expect additional follow up at E3 about the new Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch. After the disappointing Sun and Moon games, I have fallen out the Pokémon scheme both competitively and casually. Hopefully this new game will respark my interest for the Pokémon franchise.

I would really appreciate a complete Pokémon game from start to finish. X and Y and, from what I have played in Sun and Moon, have felt very incomplete from start to finish. I sincerely hope that Nintendo will make a complete Pokémon game in this upcoming generation.

Fire Emblem

I have played Fire Emblem Awakening, Conquest, Birthright, Sacred Stones, and some of Path of Radiance. I own and plan on playing through Shadow Dragon, Revelations, Warriors, and Echoes. And I personally have had a great experience playing through the franchise; the games have remained very consistent and have been a pleasure to play through.

Nintendo will probably follow up on the Fire Emblem game announced in a Nintendo Direct. I personally am excited for this new Fire Emblem game arriving on the Nintendo Switch. It’ll be the first big Fire Emblem title on a home console since Radiant Dawn.

Will we see a new class? What will the story be like? I don’t know. This simply makes the upcoming Fire Emblem far more exciting.

Metroid Prime 4

I have played Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Metroid Fusion, Metroid Prime Hunters, Metroid Other M, some of Metroid Prime, and some of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. And there’s been a lack of polished Metroid games on home consoles since Corruption‘s release on Aug. 27, 2007. While Other M was not bad, the game had a fair number of flaws.

It has been eleven years since we have had a good Metroid game on a home console. It will be welcome to have Prime 4 on the Switch. Hopefully Nintendo can deliver a promising and, much needed, polished Metroid game.

I look forward to hearing more about Prime 4 at E3.


I personally have not played many Yoshi games. I remember playing Yoshi Island for the Nintendo DS, however, and I thought the game was fun despite having never actually beat it.

Personally, I’m not super excited for the new Yoshi game. However, I expect to hear more about it at E3 .

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: New Leaf came out on Nov. 8, 2012. This was the most recent Animal Crossing game that was not a spin-off, so it would not be out of the realm of possibility to get a new game. An Animal Crossing game on the Switch would be nice.

I believe that amiibos would play a small factor in the game. Yet Animal Crossing amiibos have never been popular so it would be interesting to see what features would be added to generate sales.

Star Fox

Apr. 22, 2016, Star Fox Zero arrived in North America. It was not very popular and bombed in sales, in part due to the gimmicky forced motion control. A new Star Fox game would be welcome, but it seems unlikely that we will see that at E3. It’s only been two years since the release the of Star Fox Zero, and this coupled with the poor sales makes a new game seem unlikely. However, I would like Nintendo attempt at making a good Star Fox game.


The last F-Zero game for a home console was F-Zero GX, released on Jul. 25, 2003. The franchise is practically dead yet I am certain the community would love to see the franchise’s return. It’s wishful thinking but one can always dream.

So what games do you expect to see at Nintendo’s E3? What games are you excited for? Do you want another F-Zero or Star Fox game for the Nintendo Switch? Let us know down below!

3 thoughts on “What Should We Expect from Nintendo’s E3 in 2018?”

  1. “Eight Player Smash will likely return”..
    I always had a hunch that Smash WiiU was designed with Switch in mind. It introduced 8-way battles, and coincidentally Switch supports 8-way wireless. I also believe it’ll be a new Smash.

    I also think F-zero is a must (I’m not expecting but).
    F-zero is a multi-player friendly game that never depended on graphic prowess. Quick high speed psychadelic racing would fit Switch perfect (RMX is no substitute)

  2. Emerald and Diamond… It was Diamond and Pearl… Emerald was a third generation game for the Game Boy Advance along with Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red and Leaf Green.. If you had grown with them you should know it…

    1. Sorry for the confusion. I actually did play Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Diamond. My friend actually gave me both emerald and diamond. I grew up playing games from generation 3 and 4. I am well aware of the difference sorry if that was not addressed well.

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