Over the past months I have noticed a game popping up and being recommended to me.  Auto Chess is something that initially I had no idea about.  The idea that you have DOTA characters that you just pick and let loose confused me.  How was this a game and why do people like it enough for it to be so big? There is just the choice and automatic gameplay, how is that a game?  Where did Auto Chess come from and who are the minds behind it?  I had to know because my curiosity always gets the best of me with unique games.

What exactly is Auto Chess?

Source: Official Website for Auto Chess https://www.zizouqi.com/?lan=en

The first thing to know about Auto Chess is that it is indeed a mod for Dota 2Auto Chess‘s developer Drodo Studio says the inspiration comes from Mahjong.  Strategy and focus is the name of the game with Mahjong, so of course Auto Chess should also be a mind game.

Auto Chess is a game of trying to think ahead of your opponent. Much like actual chess, there is a set of pawns and other more powerful pieces.  However these pieces are replaced by characters that you can choose from and purchase with point.  Throughout the match, winning will earn you more points to obtain more powerful pieces for the board.  The beginning pieces from a match are chosen from a pool of about fifty.  As said before, you may purchase new pieces for a match as you finish rounds.  Pieces have different classes and abilities that will change the sway of battle in your favor, or your opponents.

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The only control of movement that the player has is of a character called a “Courier.”  This player controlled character does not contribute to the combat of each round.  The point of the Courier is to collect dropped gold and items for the round.  Upon losing a round, the Courier will lose health.  When the HP of the Courier reaches zero, the game is over and the remaining Courier will win.

Why is it so huge?

Source: Official Website for Auto Chess https://www.zizouqi.com/?lan=en

There is a huge demand for ranked competitive games in our current atmosphere of gaming culture.  Auto Chess is pretty simple to just pick up and try your hand at. At least, it was easy.  As of writing this article the game is replaced with Dota Underlords on Steam.   Auto Chess is now an alpha sign up on the EPIC Store for PC play.  The game is currently a Mobile game title.

The simplicity hidden under the complicated gameplay is what MOBAs thrive on.  Anyone can pick it up and give it a go, but winning takes a competitive nature and practice. Knowing what pieces to use or buy is much like knowing what items you need in League of Legends. It draws in hardcore gamers like a moth to a flame.  Winning is a rush in the MOBA genre, seeing as it takes more skill than expected.  Auto Chess however is a brand all its own, inventing its own genre of Auto-Battler.

With something so big and popular, it is only a short wait to start seeing clones pop up.  I will predict now that it will grab the attention of most MOBA game developers and force them to play into the fad.  Games like Heroes of the Storm from Blizzard could be next of the list of games to receive this treatment.

What are the next steps?

Source: Official Website for Auto Chess https://www.zizouqi.com/?lan=en

A game so big is soon to gather more momentum and head on to the next stages of competition.  Tournaments are always the big draw for views on streaming services and the dreams of being in a pro gamer atmosphere for players.

Drodo Studio is set to host a one million dollar tournament. Yes, one million dollars.  The tournament will be in Shanghai later in the year.  It is said to not be a huge event for Western pros of Auto Chess but some should be in attendance.  This move is further proof that Auto Chess has cemented itself into the pro gamer scene.  Auto-battlers are here to stay and hopefully will only get better over time.

I cannot wait to see what new features and tournaments pop up out of this new genre.  I will be buying in myself and giving the games a chance!

Auto Chess is currently a mobile title coming to PC, you can get more information and sign up for PC alpha HERE.


This is just a small amount of coverage on what the game is, but hopefully this gave you a small idea.  I know that researching what Auto Chess is has filled my head with way too much information.  So what do you think about Auto Chess?  Let me know down in the comments or on my Twitter @Sleepless_TC. And remember to stick with us here at Culture of Gaming.

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