As season 3 of Modern Warfare dropped, so did a few new updates for Warzone. With the Warzone update, players can now choose quads as a deployment option, but trios have been removed while solo is still available. Players have already begun to express their disapproval of the new update, and it remains to be seen how long these changes will stay.

While many fans were accepting of an addition of a quad team mode, many are upset that it meant trios were removed by the new update. Since most popular battle royals have a trio mode as the main game mode, it is unique of Activison to toy with the idea of removing it altogether. On the blog post about the Warzone update Activision made no remark about why they are removing trios from the game. It can be assumed that trios will come back at some point, but maybe not until next season or later.

Many have taken to the CoD Warzone subreddit to express their concerns. Players feel misunderstood by Activision, as they want more options, not for one mode to just be replaced by another. A lot of redditors wish that Warzone would have solo, duo, trio, and quads available all the time for players, instead of playing around with what modes are available.

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