Walking Dead

Fans of The Walking Dead can now own every episode of the Telltale series in one package.

Skybound Entertainment today launched The Walking Dead Collection: The Telltale Series in stores across North America and Europe.

The collection contains all 19 episodes in the award-winning series onto one disc. It is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, retailing for $49.99. It is also available for download on both platforms.

This collection includes the recent third season, A New Frontier, as well as visually enhanced versions of Season One, Season Two, horror anthology 400 Days, and the three-part Michonne mini-series.

To date, The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series has sold more than 50 million episodes worldwide, earning more than 100 Game of the Year awards from outlets including Metacritic, USA Today, Wired, Yahoo!, The Telegraph, Mashable, Polygon, Destructoid, and GamesRadar. It was also the recipient of two BAFTA Video Games Awards for Best Story and Best Mobile Game.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season (a working title) will debut in 2018 on consoles, PC, and Mac, as well as iOS- and Android-based devices.

If you’re interested in owning the full collection, you can get it here.

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