Following a two-year project for creator and developer Lester Bloom, and his great friend and Guild Wars 2 designer director Isiah Cartwright, the high-octane, fully immersive VR action game, PlanTechtor, launches next week on Steam, and with it a launch trailer full of action, explosions and guns.

PlanTechtor is a deeply strategic game which combines elements of CCGs and ARPGs with high-octane VR action that features 50 levels across 5 distinct worlds, weapon load-outs that you can design, plus various skills and upgrades.

The launch trailer features an action-packed cartoon world where players are thrown into the field of an invading army of alien, robot invaders, with a sick heavy metal soundtrack playing in the background.

Post-game, the player is required to design a plan for each of the 50 playable levels, bringing with them different unique weapon bonuses and unlockable skills in order to thwart the oncoming battle of cartoon invaders. Once the wave begins, your skills and strategic planning are put to the test to emerge victorious

Creator and developer Lester Bloom said: “PlanTechtor has been my passion project for more than two years. There was a specific game I needed to play – a VR game that fused meaningful strategy with intense action and shooting mechanics. I couldn’t find it, and so I had to make it. I can’t wait to share my dream with you. I hope you have as much fun with PlanTechtor as I have been!”

Designer Isaiah Cartwright added: “When I played Lester’s original prototype, I was surprised how much depth there was to the game. A lot of VR games are very pretty tech demos, and I was happy Lester was making something with more depth of play. So I couldn’t wait to get involved!”

PlanTechtor releases February 27 via Steam with a 10% off launch discount for the first week for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality.

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