Sound is an important part of video games these days. It can make or break how much enjoyment a person gets from a game. And that is why VoltEdge and Dysonics is bringing to life the 3D Sound Array.

“The 3D Audio Array takes PC gaming to the next level of immersive enjoyment,” Chris Richards stated in the 3D Sound Array’s announcement. Perry Teevens, the CEO of Dysonics, added that, “3D audio involves the virtual placement of sound sources anywhere in three-dimensional space, including behind, above or below the listener. Now sounds can come from every direction, greatly enhancing situational audio awareness. It’s a truly remarkable and exhilarating experience.”

Features to Look Forward To


The 3D Sound Array is the first of its kind. It’s set to provide “a three-dimensional experience”. At first glance the device seems unassuming, only vaguely looking like a speaker of any kind, but the 3D Sound Array will use signal processing techniques to isolate audio signals to the left and right ears. With these processes you won’t need headphones or multiple speakers around the room to hear all aspects of your game; the array of speakers in the device “will be right in front of the gamer”.

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This little device is powerful. It comes with eight 30mm temper tuned drivers and a built in subwoofer, with the option to add an external subwoofer. But that isn’t all: there are also EQ and personalisation settings, plus shared and immersive audio modes. It also has a headphone jack that provides the same 3D rendering, coupled with full off-ear chat controls.

The 3D Sound Array works with all PC system audio, whether you’re gaming or simply watching YouTube. And it’s non-obtrusive, with a sleek design that will be sure to fit in with your rig. Even if you don’t have a gaming desktop; it works with laptops too!

While there’s no word on a release date, the 3D Sound Array is going to set you back US$299.

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