The Screen Actor Guild And American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) will soon end their strike with AAA video game publishers. Several video game voice actors are members of SAG-AFTRA and went into a strike last year to seek more revenue from successful video game sales and better quality of life improvements for voice actors.

SAG-AFTRA and 11 publishers reached a new agreement that will adjust for a new bonus structure for actors. Extra payments are now based on the amount of sessions worked. The first session will net an actor a $75 raise with accruing bonuses with each extra session. With this new payment method, a voice actor could gain $2,100 after 10 sessions.

SAG-AFTRA’s Ray Rodriguez also states that the new deal will allow for more transparency with contracts. Actors will get information ahead of time the name of the project code names, genres, and if the game will include any violent or sexual content. Publishers will work with SAG-AFTRA to include working schedules to reduce vocal stress on actors.  In exchange, fines and penalties will be placed on actors who are late to recording sessions or are distracted. is your source for great reviews, news, and editorials!



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