We all remember the menu music to our favorite games. They set the mood in preparation for when players start their game. Who can forget the melancholy tune of Kingdom Hearts, or the upbeat and energetic tune of Mario 64’s theme? Certainly not The Materia Collective community with their newest collaboration album, MENU: An Homage to Game Title Themes.

That’s right. The Materia Collective, creators of collaboration albums such as FALLEN: An Undertale Tribute and more recently OMEGA: A Tribute to Xenogears comes a collection of videogame menu OST remixes. With a whopping total of 52 songs, these musicians remix several video game menu themes. MENU features music from Katamari Damacy, Cuphead, Final Fantasy, and even Diddy Kong Racing.

I’ve been listening to this album for a couple of days and I’m really enjoying it. Some of my favorite songs are Tomas Kresge’s wonderfully orchestrated take on Katamari Damacy’s intro. I even came to appreciate the remixes of games I’ve never played. Alex Hill and Tia Maxfield’s take on The Sims 3’s menu theme is even more upbeat than the original. In the end I can’t get David Russel’s guitar cover of the memorable File Select theme from Mario 64 out of my head.

As the description of the album states, “For many people, these opening themes, along with their respective title cards, trigger a greater sense of nostalgia, in much the same way that smells activate older memories.” I certainly felt this way when I heard many of the remixes of menu music I’ve jammed to over the years and hopefully many more listeners will have a similar experience.

MENU: An Homage to Game Title Themes is available for $16 minimum on their Bandcamp while iTunes has it for $19.99. Menu is also available on Google Play and Spotify. You can also check out all of Materia Collective’s music on their website here.



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