The 1980’s truly was the Golden Era of the Arcade, it was the era that gave us Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Q*Bert, Centipede and Mario Bros to name a few. The list of classic games from this time is immense! But, can you identify these 20 that I have picked with nothing more than a screenshot and a single clue? Keep an eye out for a new themed video game quiz every week!


Let’s begin!!


1. A golden age classic from 1981 designed by Konami and notable for it's changing in-game music.

2. Released in 1980 and one of the earliest video games to feature synthesised speech.

3. An early example of both parallax scrolling and a continue feature from R-Type creators Irem.

4. 1982 Twin-stick shooter from Eugene Jarvis, creator of Smash TV.

5. Features a ship called the Salvalou and is one of the earliest vertical scrolling shoot 'em ups from Namco.

6. Three-dimensional shooter which began development as a 3D remake of Space Invaders

7. Unique trackball game from the designer of Tempest.

8. Pioneering full motion 2D horizontally scrolling shooter from 1981.

9. Quirky and unusual game from Williams Electronics featuring knights flying on the back of Ostriches.

10. An addictive single screen action game featuring characters called Peter Pepper, Mr. Pickle and Mr. Egg.

11. World War II era vertical scrolling shooter from Capcom.

12. From Sega, and the earliest isometric shoot em up that was also the first arcade game to be advertised on television.

13. Sometimes cited as the earliest platform game and released as 'Monsters' on the BBC Micro.

14. From Taito and released in 1983, this game stars 'Otto' the spy descending a building while avoiding gun wielding enemies.

15. Classic 1981 fixed shooter from Namco and second entry in an innovative series.

16. Released in 1983, this arcade game from Namco stars a police mouse retrieving stolen goods from thieving cats in a mansion.

17. An addictive classic from 1982, one of the earliest arcade games released as a conversion kit and stars a tunnel digging clown.

18. Fixed shooter from Konami designed by the producer of Street Fighter, Yoshiki Okamoto.

19. Multi-directional shooter in which the player assumes the role of a pilot in a futuristic fighter jet, another from Konami and Yoshiki Okamoto.

20. Space Invaders and Galaxian inspired arcade game from Nintendo released in 1979, one of their earliest arcade games.

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