Video Game Developer Tricks Revealed!

Something amazing has happened over the PAX 2017 weekend when a game developer, Jennifer Scheurle, on Twitter asked other video game developers to spill their guts! Scheurle works at Opaque Space and that studio is working on a new VR game called “Earthlight”. She posed this question on twitter:

“Hey , tell me about some brilliant mechanics in games that are hidden from the player to get across a certain feeling. Example: Assassin’s Creed and Doom value the last bit of health as more hit points than the rest of it to encourage a feeling of *JUST* surviving.”

The floods gate opened and several game developers have chimed in on tricks in game development; for a better player experience!

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Jane Ng: “Is it ok to mention something we’re proud of in our own game? 😛 In Firewatch, a player not responding to dialogue prompt is a noted choice.”

“the game reacts to non-response, and it helps create a feeling that ignoring someone has social consequence and the other person is “real”

Paul Hellquist: “In Bioshock if you would have taken your last pt of dmg you instead were invuln for abt 1-2 sec so you get more “barely survived” moments.”

Rick Lesley: “In Shadow of Mordor, I would add additional health back to dueling uruk, to artificially extend their fight a bit, for spectacle!”

There are a plethora of awesome insight into game development and you can read the original thread here. is your source for great reviews, news, and editorials!


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