Video Game Collecting: Starting 2019 With a Plan

With the many years placed into being a video game collector, sometimes a person just reaches their peak. At least, they think they have. There is so much to potentially collect of one group of items that have meaning and value placed in it, only due to demand. The items in question don’t even have to be all that great or appealing. It could be something as simple as books of a series, or just books in general, and anything from trading cards to antiques.

The start of a new year means the race begins again. Looking up those deals through Amazon or Ebay, only to place the item in your cart never to be touched. As a hobby, video game collecting is certainly very expensive. Here we will discuss collecting video games while coming into 2019.

Finding What You Want as a Collector

Video Game Collecting

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Let’s say you have a price range in mind. You do not want to go past a certain dollar amount. This could mean something as little as $20 to something as much as $300 or beyond. There are still many great collectors items for under $10, especially retro. People would be surprised at what they can find as long as they do their research. As a collector, it’s easy to make a spontaneous purchase here and there and it can add up for the worse. Taken from experience, it will add up.

Find your poison, whether it be NES, Gamecube, or even Sega Saturn. There is still a good chance the video game you are looking for will fit that budget. With NES, there are games such as Contra and Super Mario Bros. For the Gamecube, you have titles such as Ikaruga and Baten Kaitos. There are wide ranges of titles to fit any budget. While you should expect a console with a small audience when it released to have significantly higher priced games, there is still that $5 title.

Also, be certain you know which console specifically you would love to collect for and set a reasonable goal. Budget is great, but if you find you plan to collect for 15 different systems at once, it can be overwhelming. Even now, my library has remained stagnant the past couple years. This is not for lack of collecting, but because there is no current reasonable goal in mind. Except, there has always been one, which is largely off the Sony platform.

Break? As a Collector?


Yes. Sometimes we like to take a humble break. This doesn’t mean you stop collecting, it just means you stop seeking for the time being. Most games will still be there to collect further down the line. There are some rarities that have drastically risen in price, but it shouldn’t worry you. If you really have a goal in mind, there is no harm in holding off for a bit. There are cases where it’s best to acquire the product early on, but it’s becoming less of a need. With more remasters coming to systems, even as a collector myself, I find less of a need to grab the original copy of the game.

As a collector, that time spent taking a break may mean just acquiring funds, feeling burnt out, or the fact the same passion felt 3 years ago is lost. At some point, we will all need that break, and most of us for those exact reasons. It’s never a bad thing. Although, it’s good to note what you may have to deal with when you get back into it. The start of the new year is also possibly the best time to start up again.

The Value in Being a Video Game Collector

Video Game Collecting

A video game is possibly one of the most worthwhile items to collect, and rarely would it ever depreciate in value. The few exceptions of depreciation are current market retail games, but primarily because of how much is produced and whether or not it also has gone digital. Of course, when one does depreciate, it’s not to say that there isn’t value of the same caliber to be had from it. Streamers, critics, and internet personalities alike will all be able to find some value out of nothing. A video game can be completely free, but to someone who regularly streams or uploads videos, that game could be worth a lot of money. It has value.

The other side of value in collecting, if you’re not particularly into streaming or recording, is sentimental. Perhaps sentimental means escapism in this context, which people often strive for against their daily routine. It’s certainly not uncommon of those who do gaming as either a hobby or sport. As long as you’re happy doing it without actually neglecting the real world responsibilities, all the power to you. There are whole communities surrounding the collection of video games, or even collecting in general. It’s possible to even seek out a lasting supplier who may sell to you on the cheap.

From one collector to another, making friends is best for both involved. One person gets a find the other wants for their collection with the promise to pay the other one back. It’s always a win-win in those situations.

For Those Who Are Fans of Collecting in General

Video Game Collecting

Let’s say video games are not the only items you have collected over the years, or even continue to collect to this day. While the market has shifted somewhat, you may be surprised at how much your collection is worth in actuality. You may have valuables just lying around. Here are some extras I once collected, but have since shifted away from.

  • Marbles
  • Pogs
  • Beanie Babies
  • Trading Cards (Pokémon, DBZ, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc)

It’s 2019 and the start of a new year. So, start the year off right and with a plan. Anything you may hold value to at the moment may be just as valuable or more-so to others. There’s a whole market for collecting. Whether picking up a video game box, DVD boxed set, or a few simple trading cards, it’s never too late to start. It’s never too late to pick up where you left off either. It’s the start of 2019, so we must start the year off right!

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