Very Little Nightmares

The 2017 horror platformer Little Nightmares is getting a spin-off, as Bandai Namco revealed earlier today. Very Little Nightmares is a top-down puzzler for iOS, and it’s looking to be just as creepy as its predecessor.

The trailer opens with little girl Six, the protagonist of the original game, stepping into a dimly-lit room with a grid-tiled floor. Suddenly, what little light remains flickers out, and Six pulls out a cigarette lighter. She moves to the right, shoves an intrusive box to the side, and sprints to a phone-shaped portal in the wall before nearly getting clawed to death by a monster.

Very Little Nightmares seems to function like a box-pushing puzzler, similar to many other puzzle games on the mobile market. According to Namco directly, however, Nightmares will have elements of stealth as well. “Players must traverse this terrifying place and avoid the notice of terrifying new enemies if they’re going to escape alive.”

The original Little Nightmares released back in 2017 to rave reviews, although many compared it to the prior year’s Inside. It’s a similarly haunting, atmospheric puzzle platformer, complete with terrifying monsters and Six’s bright yellow hood. What Little Nightmares really has in its favor is an almost Claymation-like art-style, which makes the horrifying creatures chasing Six all the creepier.

Very Little Nightmares doesn’t have a set release date. However, Namco and developer Alike Studio will reveal more details in the not-too-distant future.

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