Valve, the million dollar corporation behind Steam will be unveiling a VR headset sometime in May, as shown by this image on the Steam site. The picture shows someone holding the headset, complete with adjustable dial, pass-through cameras and a title: the “Valve Index”. A bit of a bland name, we’ll admit, but it’s a start.

This seemingly confirms UploadVR’s report from last year. They reported that Valve would release a headset like this, alongside a Half-life VR game and two “knuckle” controllers. While any sort of Half-life game or a set of controllers are yet to be revealed, we would presumably learn more at whatever May event Valve is planning.

This is especially interesting considering that Valve and HTC worked in tandem to make the HTC Vive back in 2016. Valve branching off to pursue their own VR endeavor would presumably end their ties with HTC. It’ll be strange to see the two companies’ relation once the Index is revealed.

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