8 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Gamers

With February fast approaching, it is high time you started putting thought into potential gifts for your video-game-obsessed another half. Beyondthecharter.com has collected some great gift ideas that you can give your favorite gamer for Valentine’s Day.

Rest assured, if you cannot tear your partner away from their console, these gifts will be a fast-track to their heart. We have collected everything from mugs and aquariums to home décor and keychains. It does not matter how you like to express your love; you’ll find some great gift ideas here. Check them out below!

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Handmade Game Controller Coffee Table

Handmade by WoodCurve’s Scott Blackwell, a Chesness, South Carolina design engineer, this amazing coffee table comes in the shape of an Xbox One and Playstation 3 game controller. While the design maybe a couple of generations old, the piece is a nifty way to spruce up a gamer’s living room with a hint of nostalgia. You can purchase one through Blackwell’s online Etsy shop.

Super Mario Aquarium

Got a boyfriend who is a gamer AND a fish lover? Why not splash the cash on this awesome Super Mario-inspired aquarium set. Sure, the fish isn’t going to give a damn if Nintendo’s Italian plumber is jumping around inside the tank, but your partner is going to love it. This gift is designed to look like a Super Mario level in which your fish can live. The company provides 3D print pieces of classic Mario worlds, which are a great addition to your fish’s home.

Pixel LoveHeart Key Chain

If you don’t feel like spending a fortune, why not get this geeky pixel-inspired keychain for your favorite gamer. It is the sentiment that counts, and they’ll always remember how much you love them whenever they unlock the front door. It might even inspire them to wipe their shoes on the welcome mat before they traipse mud through the house.  You know… because they just love you so damn much!

I Love You Gamer Mug

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend who loves coffee just as much as they love blasting aliens on Halo? Treat them to this adorable I Love You mug. A lifetime of playing videos games doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Let your partner know you’re still going to be kicking their butt at Tetris when you’re both retired!

Love, Laugh, and Lots of Gaming Decorative Sign

Looking for a cute way to show your partner you love them. Get this wonderful sign and hang it up somewhere for them to see it every day. Gaming forms a huge part of many couple’s lives – it’s nice to let your special someone know you appreciate all the fun you share together.

I Love Gaming Bottle Opener and Fridge Magnet

There are two things guys love above all else – video games and beer. Combine the two with this handy I Love Gaming bottle opener. Now, whenever your partner is cracking open a cold one and firing up Zelda for the hundredth time this week, they’ll be thinking of you!

Knitted Can Cosy

Don’t worry if you’re partner isn’t a big drinker; we’ve got you covered with this cute can cozy. It spruces up any soda for those long nights smashing through the speed runs of Mario. It’s a great way to say I love you, and it comes adorned with a pixel-inspired heart. How delightful!

Matching Gamers Pillows

Nothing quite says romance like matching gifts. These adorable gaming pillows are a great addition to your bed or sofa. Let your partner know you choose them above all the other geeks and dress up the room with some gaming-inspired cushions. Not only is the design minimalist and easy-on-the-eye, but they are also conveniently priced as well.


These are just a few ideas to get you started – although we don’t think you can go wrong with that gloriously nerdy can cozy!  There are literally thousands of awesome gifts online to make your geeky Valentine’s Day one to remember. It’s not how much something costs; it’s the thought that matters most. Let your gamer guy or girl know how much they mean to you this February. If you find any other gaming-inspired presents, don’t be afraid to share them with us!


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