Unbound: Worlds Apart has been in development since 2016, and today its Kickstarter has finally launched.


In just a few hours the game has already raised nearly $5000 of its $25000 goal with over a hundred backers.

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There are tiers that range from $1 to $5000. Tiers include steam keys, exclusive skins, statues, artbooks, and even the ability to help design aspects of the game, all depending on how much you pledge.

In order to get a copy of the game, all you have to do is back the project with $10. That deal is only going to last for two days though, after that it will take a $15 pledge.

Unbound: Worlds Apart

Alien Pixel Studios has stated that the plannes window for release at this time is 2020, and that the game is sitting at around fifty percent finished. Fortunately for you, the demo is still available for download, so give this wonderful game a try while you still can!

The World of Unbound

Unbound: Worlds Apart is an upcoming indie title that’s now launching its public development phase. The game features Soli as the main protagonist. The power of the portals are given to him due to his ability to remain untainted when faced with evil. So, the task of stopping the horrible events that have occurred in his world rests on his shoulders.


Soli battles evil using his portals, which allow him to move between worlds. The portals also affect the behavior of everything around him. Creatures that seemed harmless on one side of the portal may not be so understanding on the other side, and the environments will often differ.

This creates an entertaining level of strategy in the game: how you use your portals and when, could be the difference between life and death.

That’s not all though — your portals can invert the gravity of the world, grant you super strength or super speed, and even give you night vision!

Initial Thoughts

Unbound: Worlds Apart is already a wonderful game, and the artwork alone makes it worth every penny. The beautiful hand-drawn style really plays up the idea of Unbound as a fairy tale with a darker atmosphere.

The gameplay itself is rock-solid too. The combination of platforming and combat make for an enjoyable experience as you explore the worlds the game has to offer. Unbound manages to respect its roots as a 2D platformer yet still brings a much needed breath of fresh air to the genre.


The portals are truly where this game shines. Not every platformer gives you the ability to move between various styled worlds at your whim, while offering completely different environmental behaviors, and sometimes even physics.

The portals are a very unique mechanic to the genre, but they also perform double-duty by adding extra layers of strategy to the game. Just because using the portals in a certain way works once, doesn’t mean that same strategy will work again the next time.


Even the puzzles manage to remain fun without becoming repetitive or too complex.

Unbound does have some bugs, but that’s to be expected. The game’s only 50% finished, but it’s already very good, which is a huge accomplishment, and the few minor bugs don’t hold the demo.

Staying Connected

Looking forward to some updates on Unbound: Worlds Apart? The team over at Alien Pixel Studios has multiple ways for you to stay informed. You can follow the game’s Twitter account, drop a like to their Facebook page, or jump head first into the community and join their Discord! There you’ll be able to talk to the creators of the game themselves, and even offer suggestions to the game! The game already has a wonderful community built around it, so don’t shy away from joining!



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