Ubisoft announced today that a new studio has been  opened in Stockholm, Sweden by the former manager of EA DICE. Patrick Bach worked for EA for the last 15 years, working on franchises which included the popular Battlefield series.

Patrick Bach, in a press statement, said he was excited to work for Ubisoft for the years to come:

I am thrilled to be joining the Ubisoft family, where I feel I will be able to use my experience in the game industry in a new and different way. My goal has always been to create the best possible gaming experiences for players. When talking to Ubisoft about what we value most, it was clear that we share the same passion for nurturing teams’ creativity with that goal in mind.

Ubisoft’s new studio already has development plans with Massive Entertainment for several AAA titles, which may include the recently announced Avatar game that will be using The Division’s Snowdrop engine. The press statement released news that the studio plans to hire over 100 employees in the first two years.

The official blog of Ubisoft revealed that Bach is aware of the great, “potential”, to work in Sweden.

Stockholm is one of the great gaming hubs of the world with a huge pool of experienced and creative talent. Over the years, Ubisoft has grown its internal production force to more than 30 in-house studios around the world, and 10,000-plus talented team members. In order to continue to nurture in-house creativity, surprise players, innovate, and continue to be pioneers in this constantly moving industry, we need to keep seeking out more of the best team players to rise to the challenge and accompany us on the journey.

The full interview can be read at the official blog post of Ubisoft’s website. Its always fantastic to see new studios open, as it allows more developers to find jobs and create new franchises.

[Source: GameInformer, Ubisoft Blog]

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