Is Twitch over? #Twitchisoverparty has been trending on Twitter recently because of the public’s anger towards the company over the past few weeks. The public’s hate towards Twitch grew from a recent controversy surrounding the live streaming platform, and the internet icon, Allinity. More public hate continued to grow towards the company after another streamer was removed of the platform for breaking terms of service, though evidence for it is lacking. Another wrench in the works came from Ex-twitch streamer, Ninja when he ranted on Twitter after the site streamed pornographic material to his now dormant page.

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Allinity, a 31-year-old female streamer from Columbia with almost one million followers came under fire after footage of her harming her cat surfaced. The streamer has several pet cats who regularly wander into her live stream. In one particular stream, her cat wandered onto her desk. She reacted by throwing the cat behind her without any regard for its safety. The public reacted to this footage with rage and contempt towards her. As a result, people all around the internet have demanded Allinity be suspended from the site. Twitch has yet to reprimand her for breaking the terms of service and the chance of her receiving any sort of punishment is slim at this point. Many are now speculating that Twitch has a clear bias in favour of female streamers.

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Over the next few weeks, more evidence of Twitch’s bias in favour of their female streamers surfaced. Twitch has, seemingly, no issue suspending the accounts of several male streamers. For instance, recently banned for 30 days is the Twitch streamer, AngrySausageTv. The streamer posted to twitter today with an angry rant directed towards Twitch and Twitch staff. AngrySausageTV claimed he was banned for ‘engaging in hateful conduct against a person or group of people’. The father of eight claims the ban came to him as a shock because he merely mentioned the wrongdoings of another person. AngrySausageTv lived up to the ‘Angry’ in his name when he directed the full force of his frustration at Twitch for banning him. Sausage claims that without his primary income for 30 days he will struggle to support his family. Twitch has yet to remove Sausage’s ban from the site.


The controversy surrounding AngrySausgeTv isn’t the only reason for the #Twitchisoverparty to be trending on twitter in the U.S. Twitch has again come under fire for accidentally promoting NSFW channels on the ex-Twitch streamer, Ninja. Ninja recently left the streaming platform for one of its main competitors, Mixer after signing an exclusive streaming deal with them. After that, Ninja’s dormant channel showcased an NSFW (Not Safe For Work) stream to the surprise of many on August 11th. Ninja posted to twitter emphasising his disgust with the site. Twitch CEO, Emmett Shear replied with an apology and a lengthy twitter thread explaining the situation.

What do you think? Is Twitch truly over or can the streaming platform recover from the controversy? Should Twitch ban Allinity? should twitch apologise and restore AngrySausage’s account? And what do you think of ninja leaving the platform for its competitor, Mixer? let us know in the comments below! be sure to check out some other article’s here!


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