Trending Smash Brothers Ultimate Theories

We are fewer than 80 days out from Smash Brothers Ultimate, and the train continues to fire on all cylinders.

Now, if there is one thing that everyone enjoys about a new upcoming Smash Brothers title, it is the speculation game. While Ultimate isn’t anything new, the talks have only escalated since its announcement. For example: Many are still under the impression that the Smash Ballot was false advertisement and how Sakurai took the results to have an idea of characters to put into Ultimate. Of course, considering the roster of newcomers we’ve had so far, you can’t really argue this being 100% false, can you?

So, while the September Direct didn’t do much for those who aren’t Animal Crossing fans, that did not stop people from taking notes and discovering other things to make fun conspiracy theories. What fun it must be to have that giant pin board on your wall and try to connect the dots as if there is a pattern to Sakurai’s thinking. There may be a lot of out-there ideas people have come up with, but not all of them are total bonkers. In fact, some of them provide some fascinating talking points for us to discuss. From debunking characters, guessing who will appear next and even the final roster count; there’s plenty to be had with the theory game that it makes me want to dive in head first. So, let’s look at what I believe to be the top plausible theories of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.

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Music Theory- Does Having a Featured Song Mean No Newcomers?

Image result for smash brothers ultimate music
Who’d thought that music would be the quickest way to ruin a character’s chances of getting in?

So, this theory is minor compared to the rest. The reason being is that it is one part “painfully obvious,” while the other is “pure coincidence.”

The theory goes: Every Wednesday leading up to Smash Ultimate; we get a song of the week to highlight an upcoming trak coming to the game. While they’re nice to listen to, they serve a much darker purpose: debunking new characters!

  • I. Should a song from a series come up, it means that series will not see any newcomers in Smash Ultimate.
  • II. If the series gets a newcomer, then their song will pop up that following Wednesday (as what happened with King K. Rool and Simon) so expect a possible Animal Crossing related song this Wednesday.
  • III. The only exception to this rule is if a series will have an Echo Fighter (with Dark Samus), to which that does not debunk the theory.

So, if we are to believe this is true, this means we’ll not see any new characters from these following series: Zelda, Street Fighter, Kirby, Mega Man, Metal Gear Solid, F-Zero, Fire Emblem or Mario. Again, this theory it silly, but if we take this at face value, this means that the following series could still see a newcomer before December: Pokémon, Kid Icarus, Sonic, and Xenoblade. There were a few others, but I think it’s safe to assume that Yoshi, Star Fox or Earthbound probably won’t see any newcomers (but I have a problem being proven wrong there). So, until we get that newcomer that debunks this theory, the music will continue to play.

Mii Outfit theory- Attires Turned Fighters

Seems obvious, but no denying how many outfits suddenly have their characters appearing in Ultimate.

Have you realized just how many Mii outfits were in Smash 4 have their character in Ultimate? Ever since Isabelle’s reveal, fans have realized that perhaps the DLC Mii Attires could have been our way of knowing who would be in Smash Brothers Ultimate. After the initial release, we saw DLC packs of special outfits you can dress your character up in. While we got to see fun ones for Link, Fox, Samus or Captain Falcon, we also saw outfits for several characters from other series. To keep the list simple, here are a handful of outfits are in Smash Ultimate as a character, Assist Trophy, and so on.

Proto Man & Zero (Mega Man)
Isabelle (Animal Crossing)
Inklings (Splatoon)
King K. Rool (Donkey Kong)
Chrom (Fire Emblem)
Rathalos (Or at the least the Armor from Monster Hunter)

There is plenty to consider, but fans believe we have yet to reach an end. Fans are on the lookout for more of these to happen soon. Take this with a grain of salt as these likely won’t happen, but I’ll list of the remaining logical ideas.

Heihachi (Tekken)
Akira (Virtua Fighter)
Black Knight (Fire Emblem)
Lloyd (Tales of Symphonia)
Viridi (Kid Icarus Uprising)
Geno (Super Mario RPG)

K.K. Slider was also there too, but I think after Isabelle, he is likely just going to chill until Saturdays. Anyway, will it be possible we will see these six in Ultimate? Well… Probably not all of them, but I can see maybe one or two more playable characters while a few others could still be assist trophies.

Chair Theory- A Fairly Odd Observation of- FAIRIES!

Image result for smash brothers ultimate chairs
Call the Internet Crocker if they immediately jump to the conclusion of FAIRIES! when they saw this.

If you read my previous editorial of the 20 unanswered Smash questions, then you may already know of the insanity known as “The Chair Theory.” While many had thought we would get Skull Kid in the Direct, Nintendo left them confused and a touch disappointed. During the Smash Direct in August, Sakurai had a few things lying around the room that lead many to think he was teasing a future Skull Kid reveal. While many think this theory is now dead in the water, perhaps it could be very much possible.

Consider that during Isabelle’s reveal, we got fooled twice. Once for thinking they were about to announce a new Animal Crossing game when it was Isabelle joining Smash. Twice for people thinking Tom Nook would be Isabelle’s Echo when it was a 2019 Animal Crossing announcement. Well, besides the idea that Tom Nook is the raccoon creating explosive buildings, it was probably fair to assume he would not be playable. The Direct’s end was to help promote Animal Crossing’s next game and it would have been the best time to do it while not making it fully Smash-related.

Because of the Direct not being fully Smash-focused, fans still think the colorful pillow and the yellow and purple chairs still lead many to think Skull Kid is still likely. For all we know, the best time to reveal Skull Kid would be during a more spooky time of year. October is around the corner after all and is the dawn of a new month? Stay tuned.

Box Theory- What’s on the box?!

Related image
See the blanks on the side? Does this mean we have two more newcomers remaining?

So, after the September Direct, we got our picture of the upcoming special edition of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. While it is nice for us to see that it will come with a Steel Book and a pro controller, they showed the image off to the side to highlight all the characters that will be in the game as playable. Now, if look at the side of the box carefully, we can see Chrom, Daisy, and Richter, so we know Echo Fighters are being shown on the box. If we were to count the Mii Fighters the Pokémon Trainer, and the Echo Fighters as one each, we are sitting at 70 characters.

At the end of the box, you will see empty spaces, which is likely where we will see more characters. It is with this space fans believe will be our final reveals: Two more characters get an announcement of them joining Smash before the game comes out in December. Now, this is tricky to say for sure if this is correct, but part of me also can’t shake the feeling it feels off to not have Isabelle on that box unless if she is on the other side. This is what many consider is what will happen.  For myself though, I find this to bleed into a previous theory, and one in which makes me feel like it is on the right track but had the wrong execution. Who’s saying the side of the box can’t be edited further as we get closer to December after all?

SmashDown Theory- Crushing the Box by Fours?

Related image
DLC can throw a wrench in this later, but can the launch roster let you play SmashDown unhindered?

This last theory we’ll discuss today is one I also touched on previously but recently has seen something else come up to help “enforce” its possibility. To recap the SmashDown theory, the idea was the initial roster count at launch would be divisible of 4. The reason this would be the case is how the SmashDown mode would let up four players choose for a roster that would slowly diminish until you would have nothing left to select. Assuming you can’t play SmashDown with just three players, this means that if the Box Theory is correct, we will have a launch roster size 72 characters.

Now, do I think it’s the final roster count?  Not really. The reason I say this is that is something that Sakurai mentioned towards the start of the Smash Direct about how “Echo Fighters can share slots with their originals.” After that, he said how “we will know the full roster before launch.” Now why would he say right after talking about Echo Fighters unless if this means we could still see more Echo Fighters? Unless if Isabelle was our last Newcomer or if we aren’t getting any more Echo Fighters outside the six we have now, I feel like the Box Theory doesn’t hold up where it says, “We got two more newcomers and that’s it.”

That and when you consider the Pokémon Trainer counts as one even though he uses three Pokémon and the three Mii Fighters share a slot too, that does make the math even more complicated.

Conclusion: Can I use these theories to guess how many characters we could see at launch?

So, with all the information gathered, and all the clues collected, do you feel like you’re any closer to unraveling the mystery?  Probably not. Even I find myself skeptical of everything thrown out here as you can argue how each of the theories posted can be completely wrong or too obvious to even be a theory in the first place. Still, with all the theories I’ve read for the last several weeks, I feel like I may have cracked the code we are all trying to find out: Just what the final roster count will be!

So, imagine this: We will get two more newcomers and that will bring our final count to 70. From there, we will probably see four more Echo Fighters get their announcements before launch to give us 10 playable Echo Fighters. With characters and Echo Fighters added together, we will see our launch roster sitting at a staggering 80 characters.

Will this be the final roster count we’re looking for? Maybe. Maybe not. To say we will get a possible new character announcement for every week between now and the game’s launch is crazy to think of, but one I feel comfortable in guessing. Even if the logic of this guess conflicts with the final two theories. Even if they all don’t match up like it’s supposed to, these theories aren’t all going to be correct. Sakurai will prove some false while others could be right on the dot.  That is the fun of the Smash conspiracy theories. For me, I am just preparing myself for the festivities come December. The hype train will make its final approach soon and we are still far from the finish with the guessing gaming that is Smash Brothers Ultimate.

So, what do you think?

Are any of these theories complete baloney? Or does one or two of them have reasoning in their madness? Do you think my guess of 80 characters is right? Or am I a touch off by a certain few? Leave your thoughts down below and be sure to follow us here at Culture of Gaming for more Smash-related editorials and other gaming goodness.

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